National Farmers Market Week Newsletter Template

By: Dan Blaustein Rejto       Posted On: July 2, 2015

When we get thousands of people, media outlets, non-profits, farmers and more celebrating all of the benefits of farmers markets, we start to raise consciousness about what farmers markets really mean to their communities, and how these markets benefit our lives, our environment, and economies.

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National Farmers Market Week is coming up August 7-13, 2016! In celebration, {your market name} is {list events/activities such as tasting days, guest chefs, local celebrity/politician appearances, cooking demonstrations, educational events, book signings, etc. Note date and time if applicable}. We are also participating in the Farmers Market Coalition’s summer campaign: There’s More to Market! Farmers markets are more than just an outlet for fresh produce and friendly farmers.

Farmers Markets…

The {market name} began in {first year}, and currently has {number of farmers} farmers selling a wide variety of products, including {list some of the products that reflect the uniqueness and diversity at your market}. In the most recent season, the market generated {amount of total annual sales} and brought in {customer count estimate} for these local producers, a valuable economic boost for the region.

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