Federal Urban Development Program Can Be A Good Neighbor

Stacy January 19, 2009

Looking for space to start or relocate a farmers market in your city or town? While farmers markets are uniquely creative in establishing in-kind partnerships for affordable and strategic locations, sometimes high real estate prices and parking limitations make the ideal central location unfeasible. A federal government program you may have never heard about may…

FMC Web Site Has More Options, a New Look


Immediately before the new year, farmersmarketcoalition.org emerged from hibernation to reveal a new look, with several new features. Since December 31, the site has attracted more than 3,500 views. The most exciting part of the site is the National Farmers Market Resource Library (version 1.0), which is the first depository of farmers market information of its kind. Visitors can…

Winter Markets: Extending a Season of Warmth


By Wendy Wasserman Chicago has a robust farmers market scene. Even in January. Farmers sell delicata squash and other winter crops at the winter farmers market and holiday gift show in Boulder, CO. Indeed, between the coldest months of January and March, Chicago boastsover 30 farmers markets. Among these is the Green City Market, which…

On the Brink of Change


Andrew Stout is the co-owner and operator of Full Circle Organic Farm in Carnation, WA. by Andrew Stout, FMC Board Member Change is in the air: A new President and administration charged with the impossible expectation to be everything for everybody; a new economy that may still not have shown its full depressive depths; a…

Consumers Continue to Invest in Farmers Markets, Local Food Despite Economy

Stacy January 18, 2009

by Wendy Wasserman The most recent data available from the Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) reported more than 4,600 farmers markets in the U.S. in August, 2008. This represented a 6.8% growth in farmers markets over the previous two years alone. In December 2008, The American Journal of Agricultural Economics published a review of research on…

Microloan Fund Opportunity for New England Farmers

Stacy January 13, 2009

The Microloan Fund for New England Farmers will be accepting applications through February 7, 2009.  Loan applications for amounts ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, for terms up to 5 years, will be accepted. For this initial pilot round of loans, applications will be limited to farms located in Vermont or in Western Massachusetts (Berkshire, Hampshire,…

A Review of Food in 2008

Stacy January 4, 2009

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South Dakota Offers Farmers Market Grants

Stacy January 1, 2009

South Dakota Farmers’ Market Grower Grant The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is providing federal funding for current farmers’ markets or groups that are interested in beginning a farmers’ market. Each applicant may apply for up to $1,000. These federal funds must be matched on a one-to-one basis. Learn more about the South Dakota Farmers’…

South Dakota Offers Farmers Market Mini-Grants

Stacy December 22, 2008

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is providing federal money for farmers markets or those who are interested in beginning one. Each applicant may apply for up to $1,000. The money can be used for market startup costs, promotion, advertising, vendor recruitment, consumer education, buy-local programs and finding a customer base. Applications are due March…

Andrew Stout

Stacy December 18, 2008

Owner, Full Circle Farm, Carnation, Washington