Protecting the Validity of 'Organic' at Your Market

Liz Comiskey March 5, 2014

by Harriet Behar, Organic Specialist, Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, (MOSES) The use of the word “organic” on a label in the U.S. is regulated by law, which is managed by the National Organic Program (NOP) within the USDA. Farmers who are certified organic or those who sell less than $5,000 a year…

The Real Deal: FMC Partners on Pilot Project to Explore Definitions of “Local”

Liz Comiskey

by Stacy Miller, FMC Project Director These days, local food is no longer small potatoes.  A recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association identifies ‘Locally sourced meats and seafood’ and ‘Locally grown produce’ as the top two food trends, respectively, for restaurants in 2014. More and more grocery retailers proudly adhere “local” stickers to…

Tech Corner: New App for Farmers Offers Incentives to Customers

Liz Comiskey

It is Saturday morning, and Nathan Holmes is driving to the Pittsburgh Public Market when his phone lights up with a text message asking him what he is going to have to sell at market that day. Nathan manages Clarion River Organics, a cooperative consisting of 10 Amish growers in Clarion County, Pennsylvania about 75…

Collaborating for Farmers Market Research in Washington State

Liz Comiskey

by Colleen Donovan, Washington State University Small Farms Program Researching farmers markets can be challenging, especially given their “bottom-up” histories which typically include under-funded organizations, incomplete archives, inconsistent data collection, and multiple definitions for the same terms. In Washington State, market managers, farmers, the Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA), the state department of agriculture,…

FMC Seeks a New Crop of Leaders!

Liz Comiskey February 28, 2014

The Farmers Market Coalition Board of Directors is currently soliciting qualified nominations for Board of Director positions during it’s annual election this spring. This is an excellent opportunity to take a leadership role in a growing nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening farmers markets. Directors are FMC member volunteers with demonstrated leadership experience in the field…

SNAP Redemptions at Markets Continue to Increase, and New Federal Support is on the Way

Liz Comiskey February 26, 2014

by Maclovia Quintana, FMC Research & Education Intern and Jen O’Brien FMC Executive Director Farmers markets have seen exponential growth over the past decade, and beyond the increase in number, 2013 brought expanded depth and breadth of services offered to market communities. One important indicator of this trend is increased use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance…

Markets at Hospitals

Liz Comiskey

by Maclovia Quintana, Research & Education Intern Article coming soon

FMC Supports the 2014 Farm Bill

Jen O'Brien January 29, 2014

Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) joins fellow local food advocates in reluctantly supporting this bipartisan Farm Bill. There are a number of aspects of the pending bill that hurt SNAP families and very unfortunately, remove the sound language in the core legislation on payment limits for large farmers. Despite these issues, the bill offers substantial support…

Congress Conferees Agree Upon 2014 Farm Bill

Jen O'Brien January 27, 2014

It’s been two arduous years, but the House and Senate Agriculture Committee conferees have finally agreed upon a bipartisan bill. The bill will reduce spending by about $23 billion over the next ten years, with about a third of those savings coming from a $8.6 billion cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). We…

FMC Receives Funding from the Knight Foundation to Prototype the Farmers Market Metrics Tool

Jen O'Brien January 23, 2014

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced funding for 24 new projects out of the Knight Prototype Fund, which helps innovators explore early-stage media and information ideas with $35,000 in funding. FMC will use the funds to test a web-based tool that will help farmers market managers collect, analyze and communicate the impacts that their…