Novo Dia Group Shutdown *Info Page* Now Live

      Posted On: July 20, 2018

In response to the recent news regarding the shutdown of Novo Dia Group (NDG) – one of the largest providers of SNAP EBT payment processing equipment to farmers market and direct-marketing farmers in the county – FMC created an Info Page where impacted markets and farmers, as well as leaders and organizations keeping an eye on the issue can go to find the latest news, updates, statements, FAQs, fundraisers, advocacy efforts, and ways markets are working to avoid a disruption in SNAP payment processing.

This is a living page that will be updated regularly; check back daily for new information:

Latest News:

July 27: Governor Cuomo Announces Plan To Protect SNAP Recipients’ Access To Farmers Markets

FMC recently learned that the National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (NAFMNP) has stepped up to stave off the NDG shutdown for an additional 30 days. NDG originally planned to shutter operations July 31. With funding from NAFMNP, NDG will now continue to provide service to its customers through the end of August. While this is a temporary fix, it will allow markets impacted by the shutdown to continue accepting SNAP for an additional month, and will give them more time to find a permanent solution.

We are also currently raising money to help impacted farmers market and farmers buy new SNAP payment processing equipment in the event a permanent solution is not immediately found. Please visit ourSave SNAP at Farmers Markets’ crowdfunding page to make a donation, and share the campaign widely with your networks. We need your help spreading the word to make it a success!

FMC remains deeply concerned about the shutdown and how it will impact farmers markets, farmers, and SNAP customers nationwide. Helping NDG customers navigate the challenges associated with the shutdown is our top priority. We will continue to do everything we can to learn more about the situation, and work toward a solution/mitigation plan to help NDG customers avoid, or prepare for, a disruption in service.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification regarding the equipment program, and how the NDG shutdown affects you or your market, please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Hansen at