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The Cultural Significance of Farmers Markets

Liz Comiskey July 13, 2011

An Essay by Raymond Saul, Friend of FMC The re-establishment of farmers markets in the United States gives me hope. It is an American success story of renewal. In recent decades, farmers markets have again assumed their historic role as important social and economic institutions in many of our communities.[i]  For many of us, farmers…

Discover You Can Takes off this Summer

Liz Comiskey

by Elizabeth Comiskey This spring, the Farmers Market Coalition teamed up with Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball® Brand Fresh Preserving Products, in Discover You Can, a summer canning education program.  Fifty selected farmers markets received stipends, canning supplies, and distribution materials in May.  Now these 50 markets are in the middle of implementing programs…

Do Farmers Markets Matter to Your Senator?

Stacy June 28, 2011

Tell them your community depends on the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), and that the WIC Fruit & Vegetable Voucher, which farmers are only authorized to redeem in fewer than 10 states, is no substitution. Ask them to stand with us, the nation’s more than 6,100 farmers markets, to restore full funding for WIC FMNP. If you want to tell them how many farmers and markets in your state depend on WIC FMNP, click here to find your state’s stats.

Farmers Market SNAP Sales Soar in 2010

Stacy April 19, 2011

By Drew Love, FMC Research & Education Intern Over the past five years, the number of farmers markets and direct marketing farmers accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits increased 263%. That is only one of many promising figures to emerge from a forthcoming USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) report on SNAP redemption rates…

States advocate for legislation and regulation to support home-based micro-processing

Jen O'Brien

By Drew Love, FMC Research & Education Intern When the Food Safety Modernization Act passed in 2010, it established an important precedent by allowing smaller, direct-marketing farms to be exempt from many of the new federal requirements, provided that they could prove compliance with applicable state and local regulations. Now, a wave of legislative and…

FMC Responds to FMPP Proposed Rule

Stacy March 15, 2011

On January 19th, a notice was filed in the Federal Register soliciting input on the proposed Farmers Market Promotion Program Regulation.  This rule  establishes eligibility and application requirements, the review and approval processs, and grant administration procedures.  The announcement asks for comments on various aspects of the grant program, information-collection burden on applicants and reviewers,…

Market Manager FAQs Now Available in Printable PDF

Liz Comiskey February 14, 2011

Last August, the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) launched a new Frequently Asked Questions tool on its website, integrated with the Farmers Market Resource Library.  Since its release there have been over 4,300 visitors to the page, and visitors spent an average of more than four minutes on the page, nearly twice as long as the…

A New Year Brings New Opportunities and Challenges

Jen O'Brien January 11, 2011

Happy New Year, fellow travelers in the healthy food movement! It has been a tremendous year with lots of hard work… many new customers and farmers coming to market and lots of challenges to continue to serve at our highest levels. Just like you, the Farmers Market Coalition has met challenges and successes with determination…

FMC Announces Insurance Webinars to Start January 31st

Jen O'Brien

The first part of purchasing any policy is overcoming the sometimes overwhelming “legalese” that infuses most insurance research. The first webinar in FMC’s series, “Demystifying Farmers Market Risk and Being a Smart Insurance Shopper,” aims to identify all areas of legal exposure to risk, define the most commonly used terms, and identity helpful tips for analyzing and purchasing an insurance policy. Peter Kochenburger, University of Connecticut Law Professor, and Melissa Kauffman, from Jester Insurance, will both explain the essentials of understanding insurance policies, and the different factors that influence a policy’s price such as attendance, number of vendors, governance, items sold, and more. This session is scheduled for January 31st at 1 p.m. Eastern. Jeff Cole, Executive Director of Mass Farmers Markets and moderator for this webinar, emphasizes the importance of reviewing an insurance policy before purchasing it.

Marketshare Upgrades Offer Improved and Integrated Impact Evaluation Tools

Jen O'Brien

Farmers market advocates often argue that markets bring economic opportunities to the surrounding communities. One can say that shoppers who visit the farmers market are more likely to visit surrounding businesses, or that the market itself generates income for the farmers and vendors. But how do you provide numbers to support these arguments? And how…