Bec Sloane

Communications Manager

Bec Sloane is a cross-sector collaborator and storyteller. In joining FMC, she brings to the table perspectives gleaned from a spectrum of industries spanning media production, children’s educational programming, and applied agricultural research. Spotting gaps in access, empathy and understanding, Bec aims to help bridge divides and foster fruitful communications among producers, policymakers, market operators and the general public.

Current Focus: In her role within FMC, Bec will provide communications support both internally, among our program managers and staff, as well as externally, bolstering the organization’s reach across farmers markets, values-aligned organizations and beyond.

Pronounces: she/hers

Bec is based in Central New Jersey (Lenapehoking Territory). She can be reached via email at or by phone at (888) 362-8177 x 709.