Darlene Wolnik

Darlene Wolnik Farmers Market Coalition 2015

Senior Advisor

Darlene Wolnik has been a national advocate and trainer for farmers markets for two decades. Her background contains both extensive community organizing initiatives and innovative small business projects, before serving for a decade as the Deputy Director for New Orleans-based Market Umbrella. While on staff at MU, she also designed and ran the organization’s Marketshare project, one of the first technical assistance and resource sites for markets in the US. In that role, she created over 70 free resources and tools for markets. Since June of 2011, Darlene has consulted for dozens of market projects, across a varied set of topics including project and market design and growth, and data collection and analysis. She authored the 2013 Vermont Market Currency Feasibility Report, the 2014 Local Food Awareness Report for Gulfport MS, a multitude of FMC articles including the 2017 “Counting Visitors At Markets” and the 2018 article, “Designing Effective, Scalable Data Collection Tools to Measure Farmers Market Impacts”  published in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development  (JAFSCD).

Darlene spends much of her time at FMC working with the Metrics and Legal Toolkit programs and providing technical assistance to FMC members and state partners. In 2018, she began serving as one of the mentors for the Agricultural Marketing Services Support Network dedicated to supporting current LFPP and FMPP recipients from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 award years.

Darlene can be reached at (888) 362-8177 ext 708, or darlene@farmersmarketcoalition.org.