Diana Broadaway

Network Coordinator

Diana became interested in local food and agriculture while studying resource management and working on small farms in upstate New York. She came to FMC from the field of flood research, where her work centered on portfolio management and risk assessment. She holds a BS in Environmental Economics and Policy, focused on applying economic principles/methodologies to agricultural and natural resource challenges within the framework of public policy. As part of these studies she developed an academic and personal interest in food policy and community-based food systems, researching the socioeconomic impacts of DTC marketing through CSAs and farmers markets and applying this interest to nonprofit and farmers market volunteer work within community garden, food access, and nutrition incentive programs.

Current Focus: Diana’s work focuses on network coordination, facilitation, and logistical support for various FMC initiatives, including multiple communities of practice such as our state and network leaders and the Local Food Systems Response to COVID project led by USDA-AMS and University of Kentucky, as well as FMC’s technical assistance work within the Nutrition Incentive Hub.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Diana lives in Austin, Texas and can be reached at diana@farmersmarketcoalition.org

Recent work: