Karla Forrest-Hewitt

Anti-Racist Toolkit for Farmers Markets Work Group Member

Karla Forrest-Hewitt moved to Minnesota for college in 2001. She graduated as an English Major Art Minor. She is also a certified TESOL instructor. From her travels, Karla has learned how important cultural identity is in every aspect of society. There are spaces where she feels at home and others where she feels less so.  Karla grew up in Jamaica, has lived in China, Canada, Trinidad and now she calls Michigan home with my two boys and husband. Currently, she works for the City of East Lansing as Farmers Market Manager and Community Events Specialist. Karla is an artist and creator. She loves planning events and watching everything come together. She is working towards making brave spaces in our community where all can be honored and respected, especially people of color.

She is grateful this year to be able to spearhead some of the events and bring more cultural awareness to the community where she lives and works. Karla is also involved in the Immigrant and Refugee Resource Collaborative. She is very happy to be a part of the Farmers Market Coalitions Anti-Racist Toolkit workgroup. She says “it is truly uplifting to be in the presence of so many talented, gifted, and amazing people, I look forward to the work we will do together.”

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