Katie Myhre

Katie Myhre has been an advocate for creative adoption of technology within food and farm communities for her entire career. With work spanning various areas of food system advocacy, Katie’s central focus has been supporting small food and farm business viability on a regional scale. As an undergraduate at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, Katie launched RED Market, an online wholesale marketplace aimed at supporting farmers making direct marketing connections in Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, as a means of complimenting farm sales at farmers markets. While supporting farmers in their marketing endeavors, Katie worked with food systems advocates at Frank and Ernest Markets to manage multiple farmers markets and food-related consulting projects. On staff at Appetite for Change and in partnership with NEON, Katie managed a commercial kitchen serving over 50 food businesses, and helped create the Northside Food Business Incubator, a flexible and customized program supporting early stage, minority food entrepreneurs through their first steps into launching their businesses by tailored support and market opportunities in North Minneapolis. She spent the year prior to joining FMC as a Social Enterprise Fellow through the FINNOVATION Lab, where she researched the ways in which responsible and responsive business models can be leveraged for social change in supply chains and the broader farm business community. As a board member for the Sustainable Farming Association, she has advocated for a stronger focus on solving marketing challenges farmers face, including market-related bottlenecks and diversifying the demographic of midwest farming. She has spoken at multiple farm conferences on innovative farm marketing strategies and the various technologies that can support farms in achieving their business goals, as well as consulted on a variety of food projects in the MSP metro. Katie joined FMC as staff in 2020 and develops resources and audits of SNAP/EBT related technology, as well as advocates for improved technology-based solutions.

Katie splits her time between Minneapolis, MN, and Barnum, MN. 

Katie can be reached at katie@farmersmarketcoalition.org.