Marian Weaver

Marian comes to FMC with over a decade of market research, business development and data intelligence experience from the financial services industry. The decision to make a mid-career shift has allowed her to work for an initiative very close to her heart, as her family comes from generations of dairy farmers in SW Ireland. Marian has seen firsthand how thoughtfully developed farmers markets have the capacity to transform neighborhoods, stabilize local farmers, and foster a holistic and meaningful ecosystem in ways that traditional food systems cannot. She has been committed to the local food movement for several years, and acquired lasting friendships, hobbies and sense of purpose in doing so. In her spare time, Marian is a native plant gardening enthusiast, a serial animal fosterer, and a compulsive homemade-pasta maker. With fresh, local ricotta. Obvi.

Marian can be reached at (888) FMC-8177 ext 709, or