Maritza Wellington Owens

Maritza Owens is the founder & CEO of Harvest Home Farmer’s Market, Inc.  For more than 15 years she has been involved in some aspect of community-based planning, advocacy, environmental justice, economic development or public health. Her work in this arena led her to establish two farmer’s market in the south Bronx under the Healthy Start program. That was the beginning of what is now Harvest Home Farmer’s Market Inc. (HH). Today Harvest Home, a pioneer in bringing farmer’s markets to low-income New York City neighborhoods, is one of the city’s largest managers of farmer’s markets in these areas.  Ms. Owens brings a wealth of experience as a recognized community organizer and is a peak performer with a high level of competency. Under her leadership she has successfully gained support for Harvest Home’s projects and initiatives.
Her professional career includes being the Director of Professional Membership at the National Kidney Foundation; Director of Community Relations & Government Affairs at North General Hospital and the Associate Director of Economic Development of Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council Bronx, NY. She has a BS from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.