Megan Sankey

Metrics Support (Contractor)

Megan joined FMC in late 2021 as Metrics Support and is looking forward to utilizing their academic understanding of farmers markets and local food systems. They see farmers markets as unique opportunities to address complex economic, social, and environmental issues in the larger food systems context. Megan is graduating from the University of Wisconsin in December 2021, majoring in both Nutritional Sciences and Global Health. Before joining FMC, Megan worked under Dr. Alfonso Morales and Dr. Edna Ledesma as the General Manager of Farm 2 Facts and the Kaufman Lab for the Study and Design of Food Systems and Marketplaces. It was in this role that they learned the true scope and depth of work market managers do daily, and they’re excited to help market managers tell their stories through data.

Current focus: Megan oversees the expansion and maintenance of the Farmers Market Metrics Platform, creates and collects resources for Metrics account users, and supports other funded FMC work that utilizes Metrics.

Pronouns: they/them/she/her

Megan is based in Madison, Wisconsin, ancestral Ho Chunk land known as Teejop. They can be reached at