Nina Budabin McQuown

Nina joined FMC as the GusNIP Research and Resource Associate in July 2020. After growing up gardening in their Bronx backyard, Nina took their first farm job on a small, community-run CSA upstate. On the farm, they experienced the ways that strong local food economies create the foundation for community resilience, and ever since, they’ve worked with local food. Nina’s work at markets, in fields, and urban gardens, has always taken place alongside research and scholarship on the cultures of food and agriculture. They hold a PhD in English Literature, focused on the socio-cultural history of soil. At the Farmers Market Coalition, they are excited to bring together their twin passions for digging around in gardens and databases in support of GusNIP grantees and the accessible and essential local food systems they create.

Nina can be reached at (888) 362-8177 ext 700 or