Nino Budabin McQuown

Project Manager

Nino Budabin McQuown’s work at markets, in fields, and in urban gardens, has always taken place alongside research and scholarship on the cultures of food and agriculture. They hold a PhD in English Literature, focused on the socio-cultural history of soil, and have many years of experience as an editor, writer, and communications specialist. At the Farmers Market Coalition, they coordinate the creation, aggregation, and sharing of resources and networks in support of farm direct operators and the local food systems they create.

Name Pronouncer: (Nee-no BOO-da-bin Mc-WOWn) 

Current Focus: Nino’s work focuses on the resources and networks that support farm direct practitioners in their work including resource libraries, resource creation, practitioner papers, curricula, communities of practice, and in-person and virtual networks. Contact them if you have an idea for a new resource, or know of an existing resource that should be made available to farm direct operators or state and network partners.

Pronouns: They/ Them/ Theirs

Nino lives in Baltimore, MD, and can be reached at (888) 362-8177 ext 700 or