Sarah Hale

Policy Intern

Sarah has a strong passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems. She will graduate with her second Master’s degree from Vermont Law School in the Master’s of Law, Food and Agriculture Law and Policy Program this May, 2023.

Before her graduate studies, Sarah owned and operated a small, sustainable specialty crop farm and vineyard in Washington State for over six years. During this time, she worked as a farmer and vigneron, selling at local farmers markets and gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small-scale farmers and producers. Also, during this time, Sarah co-founded the Lewis County Small Sustainable Farmers Association and helped organize the acceptance of WIC/SNAP benefits at five farmers markets in Washington State. Through her experiences, Sarah recognizes the vital role that farmers markets play in supporting and providing equitable, local, and healthy food systems and communities.

Sarah is committed to promoting equitable and just food systems at the local, state, and national levels. She also volunteers as the Grants Coordinator for an all-girls youth summer sustainable farm camp in Central Illinois, demonstrating her dedication to building sustainable and resilient communities.