Buy Fresh Buy Local

The Buy Fresh Buy Local program, which was previously administered by FMC, is owned by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). The program will continue under the auspices of PASA, but will now be administered as an independent organization by former FMC Executive Director Jen Cheek who can be reached at

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Buy Fresh Buy Local® (BFBL) is the premier trademark of the local foods movement in the United States. The trademark was created and coordinated by PASA as a way to identify and promote locally grown foods. Since 2002, BFBL programs have been implemented by over 100 Regional and Local Chapters around the country.

In the past few years, the explosive growth of the good food movement has come with a wave of entities trying to cash in on consumer demand for sustainably grown food and abusing the terms that the good food movement has brought into the spotlight. The use of terms like “natural,” “farm-fresh,” and “farm grown” that don’t yet have a standardized definition and verification process has led to the devaluation of local agricultural products and community farmers that are actually using sustainable growing methods but don’t have the same marketing reach as the brands that are just trying to make a profit.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters are working to rebuild local food systems and promote sustainable agriculture by connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to fresh, locally grown and produced foods. Chapter define what “Local” means in their communities and accept members that adhere to those standards. Then, through community events, local food guides, and educational materials, Buy Fresh Buy Local makes it easy for consumers in their area to find and connect with local food and the farmers that grow it. From farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores, co-ops, and community supported farms to large-scale institutions (e.g. colleges, and retirement homes), Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters are bringing back the base for locally grown food in communities across the US and working to strengthen local economies.