Reflecting on National Farmers Market Week 2021

By: Hannah Fuller, FMC Communications Coordinator       Posted On: September 1, 2021

Young market shopper at the Tacoma Farmers Market, Tacoma, WA

The 22nd Annual National Farmers Market Week took place August 1st through 7th. After some time crunching the numbers, the FMC team is delighted to report that NFMW 2021 was a great success and vibrant celebration of farmers market operators nationwide. 

Thank you all for your hard work and participation! We can’t offer enough thanks to our sponsors and partners at USDA, Square, American Farmland Trust, Farm Credit and Farm Aid that helped make this National Farmers Market Week happen.

National Farmers Market Week serves as a time to highlight the driving points of why farmers markets matter on large and small scales. Annually, this week encourages attendance, education, and celebration, but also reminds everyone that support and buying power at farmers markets matters all-year long.

This year, National Farmers Market Week highlighted the essential role that farmers markets play in our local food systems and communities. Farmers markets are a vital part of connected communities and act as community hubs for action. Farmers markets have not always been representative of the communities where they operate and have lots of work to do to continue to be safe and welcoming for all. This year FMC highlighted the importance of farmers market operators understanding their role as agents for social change. 

Markets across the country ran with FMC’s NFMW resources and materials, hosting events and garnering media attention for their vendors. Whether it was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, market communications or through the media, at-market or around your community, participation was everywhere!

  • Selinsgrove Farmers Market in Selinsgrove, PA celebrated by hosting an outdoor moving screening. They watched the documentary Kiss the Ground and 
  • The Corvallis Farmers Market in Corvallis, OR celebrated their 30 year anniversary during National Farmers Market Week! 
  • Customers at the Jamestown Public Market wrote thank you notes for farmers and vendors. 
  • Common Greens in Ohio celebrated with a kids scavenger hunt and trivia for adults.


National Farmers Market Week By the Numbers 

The USDA Proclamation declares National Farmers Market Week and inspires many other local governments to proclaim Farmers Market Week. FMC provides a Local Proclamation Template, which was utilized in advance of NFMW by markets nationwide to engage with their elected officials.

States declaring National Farmers Market Week included:

  • Colorado
  • Maryland
  • Washington 
  • Arkansas 
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Minnesota
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Virginia
  • Alaska
  • New Hampshire

Cities, towns, countries, and municipalities declared Farmers Market Week on a smaller scale too! Some Locally Declared Farmers Market Week Proclamations:

  • Little Italy Farmers Market, Erie, PA
  • Pinehurst Farmers Market, Columbia, SC
  • Napa Farmers Market, Napa, CA
  • Selinsgrove Farmers Market, Selinsgrove, PA

Did your city or state issue a Farmers Market Week Proclamation? Let us know! 

FMC Farmers Market Resources

One of FMC’s main activities for National Farmers Market Week is to create and provide downloadable tools, templates, graphics, and language for farmers markets to use in their planning and celebration of the week locally. Our goal is to make it easy for markets to promote, celebrate, and activate their communities.

2021 NFMW Toolkit was downloaded 2,639 times and we saw markets using FMC graphics all over social media to make their engagement smooth and easy! This year we added Canva templates to our toolkit and saw a lot of markets customizing their graphics using those templates. 

Hashtag Reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsack tweeting about his visit to farmers markets in Denver, CO during NFMW.

The estimated social media reach of National Farmers Market Week related content was nearly 10 million, with 6,600 mentions of our hashtags or the phrase “National Farmers Market Week.”

The #FarmersMarketsAreEssential tag has continued to gain popularity amongst farmers market operators and supporters as markets stay resilient throughout the pandemic. The hashtag started as a way to promote farmers markets as essential sources for groceries early in the pandemic, but now is a way for farmers markets to share their essential role as connectors in their community. 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for extending NFMW engagement and reach. Not only does it generate more excitement for farmers market week, it shares the benefits of farmers markets with more people with the goal of creating new and returning customers! It also highlights the reasons farmers markets are important to their communities with local, state, and federal officials, with the goal of gaining their continued and future support. Understanding that farmers markets are an essential part of our resilient communities is so important as markets continue to navigate a changing landscape. 

While the official week has passed, that doesn’t mean celebrating local food, farmers, and resiliency is over. In the spirit of National Farmers Market Week, make a commitment to shop at your farmers market each week and support farmers throughout the season. Farmers markets are an essential part of a resilient local food system and your support allows them to thrive. 

If you did something exciting for NFMW or have some thoughts you’d like to share, we want to know! Be sure to fill out our feedback survey!

We can’t wait to celebrate again next year and make National Farmers Market Week 2022 another great celebration of the importance of farmers markets. Mark your calendars, National Farmers Market Week 2022 will be August 7-13th, 2022! Until next year, stay connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter