From the Field to the Table

Alex Canepa December 12, 2023

Food handling policy at New Orleans farmers market

New Market Resource Bundle

Alex Canepa November 30, 2023

Bundle of resources for new markets created by Market Umbrella under their marketshare site (2004-2014) which was the first free national resource library for market managers

Design for Outdoor Markets in U.S.

Alex Canepa November 21, 2023

Presentation for PA Farm Markets Lunch and Learn series given by Dar Wolnik

2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets

Alex Canepa October 12, 2023

Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), the national farmers market association, is proud to share its latest brief detailing findings gleaned from a study of EBT technology used among farmers markets across the United States. FMC’s 2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets is a snapshot of the costs and challenges involved in offering EBT technology…

New Hire Checklist

Alex Canepa July 4, 2023

This New Hire Checklist from Williamsburg Farmers Market offers a structure for the process of hiring for a new market position.

Sample Job Description: Token Coordinator

Alex Canepa

This job description for the Williamsburg FM in Virginia offers a sample for hiring.

Measuring Michigan Farmers Markets Data Collection Toolkit

Alex Canepa June 15, 2023

Since 2015, MIFMA has been working with Market Managers to foster a culture of data collection and to capture and evaluate their economic contributions and market impacts at a statewide level. MIFMA created the following Data Collection Toolkit for Market Managers who want to collect, analyze, and share data to advance their market’s mission.

Legacy Binder Materials

Alex Canepa

A legacy binder is a set of resources and materials created in the process of succession planning that can be passed to a replacement staff person or volunteer to facilitate a smoother transition.

Data Collection Resources for Farmers Markets 2023

Diana Broadaway May 16, 2023

FMC’s quick guide to the most used resources for evaluation for markets in 2023

Open Book Management Budget Template

Alex Canepa May 11, 2023

This Open Book Management Budgeting spreadsheet template was created by Mandy Moody of Chicago’s Green City Market for the Flagship Markets Community of Practice. Download it to gain a better understanding of how to use open book management and a head start on creating your own budget.