2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), the national farmers market association, is proud to share its latest brief detailing findings gleaned from a study of EBT technology used among farmers markets across the United States. FMC’s 2023 Report on EBT Technology at Farmers Markets is a snapshot of the costs and challenges involved in offering EBT technology at farmers markets, including top concerns among market operators who participated in the survey. Twenty years after the nationwide switch to EBT for SNAP, as farmers market operators and lawmakers grapple with new technologies, this data reflects a bird’s-eye view of the state of EBT technology in the farmers market sector.

The report is the result of a national survey led by FMC, and was authored by Lindsay Way (Way Consulting LLC) and Amanda Maria Edmonds (AM Edmonds LLC), who contributed to the analysis and report generation. Two hundred and thirty market organizations, representing 530 market locations submitted responses. This sample size represents 17% of all SNAP-authorized market sites nationwide.

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By: Lindsay Way and Amanda Maria Edmonds Published October 12, 2023 Publisher Website Link to Resource Report

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