Mapping Competition Zones for Vendors and Customers in U.S. Farmers Markets.

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This study concludes that the relatively small customer travel distances suggest that managers will probably need to focus their marketing efforts on getting a greater share of food spending within the zones from which they already draw customers.

“Differentiation from competitors may improve market survival. Operating on different days from nearby markets or on multiple days or for longer seasons, developing a unique marketing mix of items, and focusing on location specific amenities such as parks, water features, and complementary shopping outlets are all ways to distinguish a market from its rivals and appeal to a broader range of customers. On the other hand, cooperative efforts among managers to coordinate operating schedules and market features may also be used to encourage vendors and customers to support a group of farmers markets in a region.”
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USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

By: Luanne Lohr, Adam Diamond, Chris Dicken, and David Marquardt. Published November 10, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource PublicationReport

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