ND Farmers Market Pricing


The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) collects prices of specialty crops that are sold across the state. The data is collected on a voluntary basis. Here are some details about the data that you can view.

  • The data is city specific.
  • Farmers market vendors voluntarily provided pricing and unit measurement information to the NDDA.
  • The prices are only for products that a producer brought to the market during that specific data collection period.
  • The pricing does not reflect any sale prices or volume discounts.
  • The NDDA tried to calculate pricing on a consistent scale based on the information provided. However, measurements such as “per bunch” are not standardized.
  • The prices listed are for informational use only. Changes in market supply and demand may cause future prices to adjust to meet market conditions.
  • Data collection started in 2016

North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA)

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