Selling and Distributing Eggs in South Dakota

Food Safety and Handling

If planning to sell eggs in the State of South Dakota, an Egg Dealer License must be obtained annually. The application for this license can be found and printed from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Form Finder website ( The cost for a license is $100 for a Class B License, or $10 for a Class A License.

A new license application can also be obtained by calling the South Dakota Department of Agriculture
at (605) 773-4294. The Department will send out a licensing packet with all the material you need to start the licensing process.

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By: Curtis Braun | SDSU Extension Food Safety Field Specialist, Joan Hegerfeld-Baker, Ph.D. | former SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist, Gene Stegeman | Director of State Dairy Lab, South Dakota Department of Agriculture Published July 11, 2017 Publisher Website Link to Resource State & Local Policy

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