Tracking visitor count in the market and managing people waiting to get in


In this new world formed under the cloud of COVID-19 there are 3 additional challenges farmers markets need to deal with:
1) Ensuing only a certain number of people are in the market at any time
2) Managing the line of people/cars outside the market waiting to get in.
3) Trying to have a steady flow of people throughout the day.

While thinking of these challenges, I came up with a solution that will
1) Allows customer to see online how long the wait is to get into the market
2) Shows market management the total visitor count and how many people are in at any point of time
3) Lets people add themselves to a virtual queue and wait anywhere or in their car till they are called in. This will avoid a long line of cars or people blocking other traffic.

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Published May 28, 2020 Web Application

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