Maine Contacts

Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets

113 North Lancey Street
Pittsfield, ME 04967
(207) 487-7114 (office)


Leigh Hallett, Executive Director


SNAP Info & Contacts

Program Name/EBT Card Name: Maine EBT Card

Current Contractor:  Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc (Conduent)

Maine Ag Department

Maine Department of Agriculture—Get Real, Get Maine! 


WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program 

Lisa Burgess Hodgkins, Director

Phone: (207) 287-3991

Toll Free: 1-800-437-9300



Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Program

Julie Waller, Senior FarmShare Manager

Phone: 207-287-7526

Maine Resources

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Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets: Webinar on Vendor Practices during Covid-19

Diana Broadaway June 8, 2020

Farmers’ Markets have dramatically changed their layout and rules to fall in line with the Governor’s emergency declarations and the Maine Department of Agriculture’s guidance for farmers’ markets. This webinar is an orientation for Maine farmers’ market vendors to learn what best practices they must be following. Topics covered include: Pre-ordering, booth setup, payment processing,… Read More

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Maine COVID19 Guidelines for Farmers’ Markets

Alex Canepa March 19, 2020

Maine COVID19 Guidelines for Farmers’ Markets March 19, 2020 Read More

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“Farmers Market” Defined

Alex Canepa November 2, 2017

The federal government, along with many states and commonwealths define “farmers market” in statute or code. These definitions determine eligibility for participation in programs including the WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs as well as state-administered farmers market certification programs. In the interest of consumer protection, lawmakers in multiple states have also explicitly prohibited… Read More

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Growing Local Food Systems: A case study series on the role of local governments

May 15, 2017

Local governments play a key role in promoting and support local food systems. In 2012, Michigan State University’s (MSU) Center for Regional Food Systems and the International City/ County Management Association’s (ICMA) Center for Sustainable Communities collaborated to understand more about the ways that local governments across America are supporting local food systems. Building off that… Read More

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Implementing Nutrition Education Activities in Farmers Markets

Alex Canepa March 20, 2017

This toolkit is intended to provide inspiration and guidance for Nutrition Educators interested in integrating a focus on locally grown food and farmers markets into the approved SNAP-Ed curricula. The lessons and resources provided have been successfully implemented by Nutrition Educators in the field. We encourage you to take advantage of the toolkit as a… Read More

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Food Stamps and Farmers, It’s a Win-Win. Farmers’ Toolkit for Accepting Electronic Food Stamps

Stacy November 4, 2013

This toolkit provides information and resources for farmers and farmers markets to accept EBT benefits. It provides information specific to Maine, but can be very helpful as an overall guide for anyone looking for resources to accept EBT benefits. Read More

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Farmers Market Management Systems, Characteristics, and Job Descriptions

Stacy October 30, 2013

Short overview of paid market manager positions across the US, written by Darlene Wolnik (as a subcontractor for Farmers Market Coalition) to assist the Maine Farmers Markets project in Healthy Lakes, Maine in 2012. This report can be used to bolster arguments that volunteer managers should be moved to a paid position. Report done for… Read More