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Ben Feldman

SNAP Info & Contacts

Program Name/EBT Card Name: SNAP/Oregon Trail Card
Current Contractor: Fidelity Information Services, LLC (FIS)

Kelly Crane
Executive Director
Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association
(304) 542-3331

Oregon Ag Department

Oregon Department of Agriculture


WIC and Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Programs

Susan Woodbury, WIC Director

  • Phone: (971) 673-0040
  • Fax: (971) 673-0071
  • Toll Free: 1-800-SAFENET or 1-800-723-3638
  • VOC Contact: 1-866-865-2953

Email: Susan.Woodbury@state.or.us


Maria Menor, FMNP Coordinator

  • Phone: (971) 673-0056

Oregon Resources

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Glossary of Farmers Market Terms

Hannah Fuller May 5, 2022

This glossary was developed by John Porter, Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator for Nebraska Extension for use by Oregon Farmers Markets Association and other farmers market organizations. This is a reference for farmers market managers, vendors, volunteers, board members and customers, but should not be considered a legal or academic document. Check out the recording of… Read More

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Oregon Farmers Market Association 2020 Census Results

Rachael February 19, 2021

Oregon Farmers Market Association recently released results from its 2020 census of farmers markets in a webinar titled “What Happened at Oregon Farmers Markets in 2020.” This presentation holds interesting stats about sales, attendance, and vendor level trends. It also dives into subjects like how Oregon farmers markets responded to COVID-19, widespread wildfires, and calls… Read More

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Oregon Farmers Markets Association (OFMA) COVID-19 Resources

Diana Broadaway May 18, 2020

This resource has been developed for farmers markets, based on the original essential business exemption guidelines, plus the newest retail guidelines and restaurant guidelines available from the Oregon Health Authority, and has been reviewed and approved by state officials at the Oregon Department of Agriculture as appropriate interpretations for the farmers market community.   Read More

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SNAP/SNAP Match Brochure

FMC July 1, 2015

A brochure listing SNAP-authorized and SNAP match markets in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian. Read More

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Oregon City Farmers Market Metrics Report-Prototype

FMC July 15, 2014

Prototype reports were crafted for the FMC Farmers Market Metrics Project with funding from the Knight Foundation. To create these reports, FMC Executive Director Jen O’Brien and researcher Darlene Wolnik worked with eight markets to upload 2013 data into social media badges and user-friendly infographics. The indicators chosen were based on external audiences’ requests for… Read More

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Contracts, Terminals, and Apps! SNAP-EBT Options for Your Market in 2014

Liz Comiskey April 16, 2014

  You’ve Decided to Accept SNAP at Your Market. Now What? Resource (PDF) Webinar Slidedeck (PDF) USDA has set-aside $4 million to be used to purchase wireless terminals and support services for one year for direct-marketing farmers and farmers markets that are not SNAP authorized. These funds can now be acccessed by elibible parties through… Read More

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Oregon SNAP-Based Incentive Guide

FMC March 31, 2014

Based on visits and interviews, this report profiles pilot programs that match and expand SNAP, WIC FMNP, and SFMNP dollars spent at farmers markets. Read More

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Strategic Planning in the Real World: how to Put No Staff, No Money, and Big Dreams to Work for Your Organization

Liz Comiskey December 8, 2013

Presenters: Nicole de Beaufort, Fourth Sector Consulting and Karen Wagner, Oregon Farmers’ Market Association. Download the powerpoint (PDF) Read More

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Findings and Reflections from Listening Sessions of Oregon’s Healthy Eating and Farmers Markets Project

Stacy November 10, 2013

Using a social determinants of health framework, this research from the Oregon Public Health Institute included farmers market tours, listening sessions and focus groups  to understand perceptions about product variety, price, quality, and understanding of food assistance programs among low-income and minority residents in Multnomah County.  The report includes participant quotes. Read More

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Analyzing Three Farmers’ Markets in Corvallis and Albany, Oregon

Stacy November 8, 2013

This research paper compiles the results for a series of questionnaires given to farmers’ market customers in Corvallis and Albany, Oregon. The results indicate that, among other findings, customers come to market for both products and atmosphere, they have a strong preference for organic products, and are willing to pay more for local produce. Read More

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EBT/SNAP/Debit Accounting

Stacy November 8, 2013

This page includes information on managing accounting systems for EBT and Debit, with templates for a Market Day EBT/Debit Transaction report, Market Day Transaction Report Summary, and Master Token Reserve Form. Read More

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Tools for Rapid Market Assessment

Stacy November 8, 2013

Oregon State University Extension describes their three low-cost methods for farmers markets to gather data in order to make effective changes and improvements to their market. This resource describes two quantitative methods- customer counts and dot surveys and Rapid Market Assessment, which collects both quantitative and qualitative data collection. Read More

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The Power of POP: Oregon City Presents their Children’s Market Program

Stacy November 4, 2013

This FMC member webinar includes an introduction to the Power of Produce (POP) Club, which began in the Oregon City Farmers Market to provide local children with tokens to buy fruits and veggies, and also offers 27+ educational activities. The session covers mechanics of the program and how it has been replicated in other areas… Read More

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Food Safety at Farmers Markets: Information and Guidelines (Oregon)

Stacy November 2, 2013

A guide to the minimum requirements for food safety as they pertain to farmers markets in Oregon. This resource, although specific to Oregon, can be used as a guide for other states to develop their own, based on the food safety requirements of their state. Read More

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Typical Market Day when Accepting SNAP

FMC November 2, 2013

The Oregon Farmers’ Market Association gives an overview of typical market responsibilities for an EBT/Debit system during market day. Read More

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SNAP/Merchant Services: Accounting Systems

FMC October 30, 2013

The Oregon Farmers’ Market Association’s description of their accounting system for EBT and Debit/Credit purchases. Read More

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A Survey of Farmers Market SNAP Incentive Programs: Lessons, Challenges, and Trends

FMC October 29, 2013

This brief report offers a review of brief survey of examples and insights for improving and sustaining the Philly Food Bucks program, based upon the experiences of farmers market SNAP incentive programs in the following cities: New York City, Boston, New Orleans, San Diego, and Portland, Oregon. Read More

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When Things Don’t Work: Some Insights into Why Farmers Markets Close

Stacy October 28, 2013

This study looks at 53 farmers markets in Oregon and describes the dynamics of farmers’ market start-ups, closures, and manager turnover focusing on administrative revenue and labor. It examines the data of farmers’ markets that have closed and offers recommendations to enhance market success. Read More

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A Learning Approach to Strengthening Farmers Markets

Stacy October 28, 2013

Oregon State University Extension Service discusses their methods for gathering information about farmers markets to improve markets and provide managers and board members with the opportunity to critically examine each others’ markets to share information and insight. Read More

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How Do Farmers’ Markets Affect Neighboring Businesses?

Stacy October 28, 2013

A research brief by Oregon State University Extension with data for both weekday and weekend markets in Oregon showing the spillover sales generated by farmers market shoppers who also make purchases at other neighboring businesses. Read More