Utah Contacts

To add state news and resources, contact:
Marian Weaver

SNAP Info & Contacts

Program Name/EBT Card Name: Food Stamp Program/Utah Horizon Card
Current Contractor: Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc. (Conduent)


Gina Cornia
Utahns Against Hunger
(801) 328-2561

Utah’s Own (for information about regulations):

Laurie Seron
1 801-455-3813
Nina Mendoza
801 538-7197

Utah Farmers Market Network Contact:

Utah State University, Coordinator Regan Emmons, regan.emmons@usu.edu, 808-344-0904

Utah Ag Department

Utah Department of Agriculture

Utah Resources

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Utah Farmers Market SNAP Toolkit

Diana Broadaway May 15, 2020

Farmers markets are critical in increasing access to healthy, local foods. One important way that farmers markets do this is by participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families stretch their food dollars. This toolkit outlines how farmers markets can implement a SNAP program, and help combat food insecurity in their communities.… Read More

Utah Farmers Market FAQs

Alex Canepa November 3, 2017

Does my Market need to be registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF)? What are my responsibilities for the safety of foods being sold at my market? The local Boy Scouts want to use my market to sell cookies they baked as a fund raiser. Can I let them? Find answers to… Read More

Utah Farmers Market Requirements

Alex Canepa November 3, 2017

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is the regulatory authority for food sold and manufactured in Utah. This means foods that are manufactured, processed, packaged, stored, transported, prepared, sold or offered for sale in the state of Utah. This regulatory responsibility also extends to food sold at outdoor market venues including farmers markets. It… Read More

Utah’s Own Farmers Market Guide

Alex Canepa November 3, 2017

Find a Utah farmers market near you!  Read More

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“Farmers Market” Defined

Alex Canepa November 2, 2017

The federal government, along with many states and commonwealths define “farmers market” in statute or code. These definitions determine eligibility for participation in programs including the WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs as well as state-administered farmers market certification programs. In the interest of consumer protection, lawmakers in multiple states have also explicitly prohibited… Read More