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FAQ Section 2

Stacy October 15, 2013

Market Policies

FAQ Section 1


Market Fundamentals The Market Fundamentals section includes many of the preliminary questions you will want to ask and answer before opening a market. Click on a question below to see the answer, and view interviews with directors in successful flagship farmers markets by clicking video icons on the left.

Together, we CAN support farmers markets in 2013!

Liz Comiskey December 19, 2012

  In his 2012 Farmers Market Inspiration Award essay, Clyde Evely of Catawba Meadow Farm in Roanoke, Virginia said, “Your local farmers market provides a nexus for the flow and exchange of information. A local and relevant web of communication develops and creates enduring relationships and communal appreciation of fresh, sustainably produced food.” We couldn’t…

Diving in to all the moving parts

Liz Comiskey October 24, 2012

Hello FMC Members and Friends, The past 10 weeks as FMC’s Interim Executive Director have been a whirlwind and a gift. Each aspect of our three-pronged approach of education, networking and advocacy has been in full swing, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to jump right in. Recent webinars covered food safety, social media, and…

FMC at the 8th Annual International Public Markets Conference

Liz Comiskey

by Jen O’Brien, Interim executive director, FMC Early in September, I traveled to Cleveland for the 8th annual International Public Markets Conference. Project for Public Spaces organized the event, bringing together food activists, researchers, market managers, policy makers, economists, government officials, architects and urban planners for three days of presentations, discussions, and networking. Cleveland provided…

Farmers market community saves farm after natural disaster

Liz Comiskey May 16, 2012

This past Friday, I had the privilege to welcome back a  farmer to one of our markets.  This was a  gentleman whose farm sustained nearly 90% crop loss in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene last fall. At the end of last season, we weren’t sure if he would return to market– not just for this…

How I fell in love with farmers markets

Stacy May 9, 2012

Since that time I have gone on to become the full time Market Manager of Portland Farmers Market in Portland, Oregon. Each market day, I am reminded of why I fell for farmers markets in the first place. Some of my favorite market scenes take place even before the market opens: vendors unloading their trucks, early shoppers and chefs looking over produce in anticipation of our opening bell, a rancher with a whole spring lamb slung over his shoulder, vendors lending a hand for late arriving neighbors, the eight year old daughter of a flower grower delivering a monstrous bouquet, seemingly larger than herself, to our market info booth…and the list goes on.

FMC Submits Testimony to House and Senate about FMPP and WIC FMNP in 2013 Budget

Stacy March 19, 2012

In the testimonies, FMC urged support for reauthorizing FMPP, as well as restoring full funding to the WIC FMNP in the Fiscal Year 2013 budget.

The Future of the Farmers Market Promotion Program

Liz Comiskey January 17, 2012

In many communities, farmers markets sprout from grassroots community efforts as stakeholders come together with a vision of a community gathering place that simultaneously supports farming as a viable occupation, builds local economies, and increases availability of healthful, locally-produced foods. FMPP provides critical capacity-building resources for these efforts. In addition, it offers important support to farmers markets who need assistance to effectively implement, promote, and redeem federal nutrition benefits.

Connecting Plant Vendors with SNAP Customers

Liz Comiskey July 13, 2011

A guest post by Daniel Bowman Simon, founder of Most SNAP recipients do not know that they can garden with their benefits, and many farmers and market managers are likewise unaware – or haven’t focused any resources on promoting this choice.  But nearly four decades ago, in 1973, Senator James Allen of Alabama championed…