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Growing the Grassroots: Markets & Community Organizing

FMC July 29, 2009

Farmers markets are incredibly powerful tools for community organizing. In gathering the same group of people – market day after market day – at the same time and in the same place, we already have what most advocates can only hope for: a solid base of community engagement, as well as a potent demonstration project. With our First Lady raising the profile of local, healthy food, there is no better time for farmers markets across the country to harness their grassroots energy in order to make an impact on the policy level.

Wholesome Wave Foundations Announces Double Value Coupon Program

Stacy May 28, 2009

The Double Value Coupon Program at farmers’ markets and other direct-to-consumer sales outlets affects a triple bottom line. It is the first of Wholesome Wave Foundation’s “Nourishing Neighborhoods” campaign initiatives. Vulnerable community members including families, their children and seniors who participate in the program can use their SNAP (Food Stamp) electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards,…