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Resolve Conflict at Farmers Markets

Hannah Fuller August 5, 2021

Conflict is an inherent part of life and can often bring about good change. Having the skills to resolve conflict is an essential part of a successful life, especially as a farmers market manager. In the field of the farmers markets, dealing with a lot of different types of people, there will inevitably be conflict…

Tomato Wars: Conflict Management for Farmers Markets

Stacy October 29, 2013

This 14-slide presentation from by Lynda Brushett of the Cooperative Development Institute covers the nature of conflict in a farmers market context, with tips on how to respond to and resolve conflicts that arise.

Niche Marketing to Wildlife Conservationists

Liz Comiskey July 8, 2014

by Charlottes Conley, Conservation Associate at Defenders of Wildlife It’s well known that consumers frequenting farmers markets these days are concerned about where their food is coming from and how it is grown. They want to feed their families food that is organic, grown locally and better tasting than what they could find at the local supermarket.…

FAQ Section 2

Stacy October 15, 2013

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