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2018 National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit

Honesta Romberger April 24, 2018

In partnership with the USDA, Food Distribution Research Society, National Value-Added Agriculture Conference, and Farm Credit Council, FMC is excited to host the 2018 National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit – the first of its kind in the United States! When: September 15-18, 2018 (Pre-conference activities on September 15-16) Where: Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia Why should you…

New report: Stagnant, Saturated, or Ready to Surge? Strategic Marketing Investments for Vermont’s Direct to Consumer Markets

Darlene Wolnik February 12, 2018

In an effort to understand the limitations of and opportunities for Vermont’s direct markets, NOFA-VT commissioned this report as part of a multifaceted project that includes research, technical assistance for direct marketers, and a statewide advertising campaign. e target audiences for this report are direct marketers and local food system advocates who want to better…

Stagnant, Saturated, or Ready to Surge? Strategic Marketing Investments for Vermont’s Direct to Consumer Markets

Alex Canepa

This report was commissioned by NOFA-VT to understand how current trends in food retailing and consumer values shape the opportunities and challenges for Vermont’s direct-to-consumer food marketers. The report is based on secondary research and interviews with 28 direct marketing stakeholders conducted from June– September 2017. Through this report we ask: With so many market…

Growers Guide for Nebraska Farmers Markets and Other Marketing Opportunities

Allie Vrtachnik January 26, 2018

This Growers Guide PDF-formatted manual was funded by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, developed by Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska in partnership with the Center for Rural Affairs. It contains a history/background of Nebraska farmers markets, along with farmers market rules, regulations, direct-to-consumer information, suggestions for displays, signage, pricing, proper methods of sale, permits, hygiene,…

Farm to Market: North Dakota’s Guide to Direct Farm Marketing

Stephanie Fenty July 11, 2017

This handbook will help you understand and comply with North Dakota state laws and regulations regarding the direct sale of produce, meat products, baked goods and handmade items. Many other resources for beginners as well as seasoned agriculture entrepreneurs are available. All information provided here is subject to change. In the event a law has…

Results from the Local Food Marketing Practices Survey are in!

Honesta Romberger December 21, 2016

It’s here! The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has released the results from the first ever Local Food Marketing Practices Survey. Farmers markets and local farms suffer from a lack of comprehensive data on their activities, which stymies strategic decision making and growth. As one of multiple efforts to address this issue, the Farmers Market…

Marketing Farmers Markets

FMC August 10, 2015

A Selection of Materials from Across the U.S.With a focus on SNAP and WIC Customers

Niche Marketing to Wildlife Conservationists

Liz Comiskey July 8, 2014

by Charlottes Conley, Conservation Associate at Defenders of Wildlife It’s well known that consumers frequenting farmers markets these days are concerned about where their food is coming from and how it is grown. They want to feed their families food that is organic, grown locally and better tasting than what they could find at the local supermarket.…

Beyond the Brand: Marketing your Mission for Improved Fundraising and Community Support

Liz Comiskey February 21, 2014

Is your market stuck in a fundraising rut?  Are you great at talking about why the market matters but not so good at explaining the role of your organization in making it happen? In this webinar, we learn about why and how to spend less energy promoting the market as just a great place to…

Marketing Research and Strategy for Growing Sales Opportunities at Puget Sound Farmers Markets

Stacy January 12, 2014

This detailed research effort seeks to identify attributes of target consumers for farmers markets, perceived challenges, opportunities and strategies to attract these consumers to expand and strengthen the customer base for the region’s farmers markets, with specific recommendations for addressing issues unique to the four proxy markets.  The report also addresses the perceptions and barriers…