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Meghan Filoromo

Hannah Fuller August 3, 2022

Meghan brings over a decade of experience working for farmers and with farmers markets. Most recently, Meghan worked for The Food Trust’s Farmers Market Program in Philadelphia, PA, where she oversaw farmers market operations, nutrition incentives, and community partnerships. Previously, Meghan worked for two Pennsylvania farmers and for an environmental education non-profit. Meghan received a…

Creating Size Inclusive Farmers Markets

Mykalee McGowan May 9, 2022

If you attended the Nutrition Incentive Hub Convening, then you probably know that Ragen Chastain’s presentation, “​​Combating Anti-Fat Bias in Nutrition Incentive Work,” was a show-stopper. You can still view the presentation here if you didn’t catch it at the time! Meanwhile, we asked Ragen to write about how farmers market operators can address anti-fat…

Welcome, New FMC Board Members

Mykalee McGowan March 16, 2022

Spring is a time of growth and change, and every spring FMC’s Board of Directors holds elections and gets ready for the busy year to come. This year, we welcome 3 new members, 2 re-elected members, and a new slate of officers to our board of directors.  Before announcing the new board of directors, we…

Christie Welch

Mykalee McGowan March 15, 2022

Within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Welch serves as the Direct Food and Agriculture Marketing Specialist to assist Ohio’s agricultural and food producers increase their profitability and sustainability through best marketing practices, increase marketing efficiencies, and market diversification. Ms. Welch has a strong interest in the economic development of rural Ohio and is…

What’s Up for 2022

Mykalee McGowan February 16, 2022

Many of you have noticed and commented approvingly on the expansion of the FMC team in the last year. We now have 10 team members which will expand to 12 in 2022 — so keep an eye out for job announcements this spring. Also, anyone interested in providing curated, short-term contracted training to market leaders…

Pandemic Response & Safety Grant Information Session with USDA AMS

Hannah Fuller October 13, 2021

Do you have questions about the Pandemic Response and Safety Grant Program? The Request for Applications is out and it’s time to start applying! Join USDA Agriculture Marketing Services Grants Management Team Lead, Matthew Russell and Farmers Market Coalition Executive Director, Ben Feldman as they discuss what farmers market organizations need to know to apply…

Integrating Sustainability At Farmers Markets

Mykalee McGowan

For many, farmers markets serve as a hub for sustainability, caring for your local farmer, and being environmentally conscious. Giving the community access to high quality, local produce at a fair price for both farmer and consumer is the ultimate goal for many markets. Creating a healthy space where the community can come together, chat,…

Farmers Markets and Health

Mykalee McGowan October 4, 2021

As a way to show the impact of their Ypsilanti Farmers Markets on health, Growing Hope created this brief marketing piece as a way to show health care organizations the relevancy of their potential sponsorships, as well as how their peers were involved in markets.

Project for Public Spaces Case for Healthy Places Report

Mykalee McGowan

This report from Project for Public Spaces highlights positive impacts of public spaces, and includes case studies around the US (including some farmers markets). It may be helpful in thinking about marketing messages and how to make the case for your farmers market.

How to Grow Your Incentive Program: A Toolkit for Wholesome Wave’s National Nutrition Incentive Network

Mykalee McGowan

Aimed to help existing nutrition programs achieve greater success, this guide walks through goals, marketing, partnerships, fundraising, evaluation and innovation strategies. In addition to providing thorough information and many examples in a visually-appealing way, it suggests additional resources to dive even deeper.