Seasonal Food Guide Connects Shoppers with Peak Season Food

      Posted On: August 9, 2017

The 2017 Poster Contest was a huge success, thanks to our sponsor, Seasonal Food Guide!

The Seasonal Food Guide is a free online tool and app that helps consumers find out what produce is in season in their state year round.
Created by GRACE Communications Foundation, the Seasonal Food Guide website and Seasonal Food Guide iPhone ® and Android™ apps include the most comprehensive national database of seasonal food available in the US, with seasonal food information for each of the 50 states.

Use the Seasonal Food Guide to Promote Local Food and Farmers Markets Consumers can use the Seasonal Food Guide to learn when and where their favorite locally grown produce is in peak season (and has maximum flavor) in their state. It includes links to recipes and in depth information on local, seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes and nuts from GRACE’s Real Food Right Now series to help educate consumers about how to prepare all kinds of unique and common produce found at their farmers market. The app also lets users set a calendar invite to remind them when their favorite produce item can be found at their local farmers market and provides a link to the USDA farmers market directory to help them find their closest market.

How the Seasonal Food Guide Was Built
Using data collected from the NRDC and state departments of agriculture and university extension programs across the US, GRACE’s team spent a year doing extensive research to learn when and where produce items are at their peak here in the US.