See you at Summit: Jen Cheek

      Posted On: August 17, 2018

Meet 2018 Direct Ag Summit Speaker, Jen Cheek:


Jen Cheek is the Executive Director of the Farmers Market Coalition. Previously working in urban planning and landscape architecture, Jen Cheek has collaborated with the National Park Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and numerous nonprofit and private organizations to create civic meeting spaces, preserve natural areas, and design parks and gardens all over the U.S. Specializing in communication design and outreach, she worked closely with community stakeholders to research and distill data, build consensus, create educational materials, and craft plans and policies. Jen focused on sustainable food systems while earning a Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia. There, she partnered with local and national organizations to research agricultural policies and practices, regional food distribution methods, federal farming initiatives, and sustainable food production. Jen believes that in addition to serving as important economic incubators, community centers, and platforms for nutrition and agricultural education, farmers markets are the happiest places on earth.