Seven Days, Seven Ways to Celebrate Farmers Markets

      Posted On: July 13, 2011

August 7th through 13th  marks the 12th annual National Farmers Market Week, when Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will make a proclamation that includes USDA’s national tally of farmers markets operating in 2011. Regardless of what a given region’s producers are growing (or not!) in August, this event presents an opportunity for farmers markets to reach out to the media and public officials to tell their stories and tout their successes. To help farmers markets get maximum recognition during this time, the Farmers Market Coalition has prepared a number of tools, and is working with its state association members to tout exemplary markets during the week, and communicate the impacts of their markets. Congressional representatives will be invited to markets in Illinois, South Carolina, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, and more!

To provide a framework for communication, the Farmers Market Coalition has identified seven daily themes inspired by the many accomplishments of its members, and offered to the farmers market community as suggested points of focus:

Sunday, 8/7: Farmers markets and community education
innovative partnerships that allow market to serve as hubs of information

Monday, 8/8: Farmers markets and public health
promoting good nutrition and healthy habits

Tuesday, 8/9: Farmers markets as economic engines
business incubation, job development, and local spending

Wednesday, 8/10:  Farmers at the center of the system
governance and policies that put farmers first

Thursday, 8/11: Farmers markets and food equity
improving access to healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods  

Friday, 8/12:  Farmers markets and civic engagement
growing social capital and engaging volunteers

Saturday, 8/13: Farmers markets and rural renewal
supporting agricultural diversity and farm viability while inspiring a new generation of producers

FMC members are invited to follow these themes in their daily communications, referencing their accomplishments as appropriate in social media posts, events, and other outreach. A tip sheet with some suggested twitter/facebook posts will be available by the end of July.

Further illustrating the impacts that markets are having in communities large and small across America, FMC will be highlighting the accomplishments of twelve specific markets, to be announced on August 6th.

In addition, FMC has updated the “Markets Are Up!” page with revised Talking Points, Frequently Asked Questions about Farmers Markets, Press  Release template, and a new and improved Farmers Market Glossary. With support from, FMC has updated and redesigned its Farmers Market Glossary (last printed in 2009), which now includes 37 terms.  Markets can order the glossary in quantities of 250 or 500, in addition to “I {lettuce} farmers markets” stickers, in the FMC Shop. FMC members receive 20% off their orders, and orders received by July 25th should be shipped and received by the start of Farmers Market Week.

Questions about FMC’s National Farmers Market Week activities can be directed to Liz Comiskey at