Special Events Bookend the Season- Get Listed for National Recognition

      Posted On: April 18, 2012

Food Revolution Day, a new event launched by the Jamie Oliver Foundation, is encouraging people to get social and active with healthy food on May 19th. Markets can register their special events- some ideas are to host market tours, dinner parties, children’s events, and more. The event is organized by social media aficionados who are collaborating with tech and media stars (yes, Hollywood is in on this one!) that could direct a lot of attention on the day to make it a success. Why not get your local event listed at Food Revolution Day?  Check out ideas for farmers markets here.

At the other end of the season, the second annual Food Day will be taking place on October 24th. This event is sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Special events can take place anytime during the week of Food Day, so now is a great time to mark your calendars and start planning!

If you participate in these events, don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us! We love to see your great work!