EBT/SNAP/Debit Accounting

Stacy November 8, 2013

This page includes information on managing accounting systems for EBT and Debit, with templates for a Market Day EBT/Debit Transaction report, Market Day Transaction Report Summary, and Master Token Reserve Form.

Market Data (New Mexico)


This page includes tips on the types of data to collect at farmers markets as well as strategies, followed by a form that New Mexico Farmers Markets are asked to complete each year so that the association can aggregate and report it.

Vendor Concern Form

Stacy November 7, 2013

A form created by the Portland Farmers Market for vendors their concerns about market operations, vendor policies, or other vendors’ compliance with market rules. Requires vendors to specifically reference the market policy clause with which they have a concern.

Product Challenge Form


A form created by the Portland Farmers Market for vendors to submit when they believe another Vendor is misrepresenting their product. There is a $100 filing fee (which can be shared by a group of Vendors). This fee is returned to the challenger(s) if the claim is verified.

Booth Audit Program Summary


A summary of a booth audit program to confirm that vendors are reporting accurate sales figures at the end of each market day.

Community Group Information Sheet & Application

Stacy November 5, 2013

Davis Farmers Market’s policies and application form for socio-political and community groups seeking to have a booth at the market.

EBT Credit and Debit Record Sheet

FMC November 2, 2013

Sheet to record payment to farmers in EBT and cash transactions.

Galway Farmers Market Hold Harmless Agreement

Stacy October 31, 2013

Example of a hold harmless clause for vendors to indemnify the farmers market and its governing body. By signing the agreement, a vendor “waives any claim against the Town of Galway and the Town of Galway Farmers Market Committee for any liability, damages, or expenses arising out of any claim for injury or damage to…

Sample Volunteer Interest Form

Stacy October 30, 2013

A sample volunteer interest form used to gauge the skills, availability, and commitment level of a potential volunteer.

Farm Inspection Report Templates

Stacy October 29, 2013

This suite of inspection resources from the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York includes the powerpoint ‘Inspections on a Shoestring’ as well as inspection templates for farms, orchards, and processed food businesses.