From the Field to the Table

Alex Canepa December 12, 2023

Food handling policy at New Orleans farmers market

TEXAS FARMERS MARKET: How to Shop the Farmers’ Market During COVID-19

Diana Broadaway May 29, 2020

The team at Texas Farmers’ Market is working diligently to keep our markets open and safe for our customers, vendors, and operations crew. While we love that our markets are built on a central core of conversation, gathering and community, it is critical that our markets be a food access point right now and not a space…

Oregon Farmers Markets Association (OFMA) COVID-19 Resources

Diana Broadaway May 18, 2020

This resource has been developed for farmers markets, based on the original essential business exemption guidelines, plus the newest retail guidelines and restaurant guidelines available from the Oregon Health Authority, and has been reviewed and approved by state officials at the Oregon Department of Agriculture as appropriate interpretations for the farmers market community.  

Agricultural Institute of Marin: Setting Up Your Farmers Market Booth Under COVID-19 Guidelines

Diana Broadaway May 12, 2020

Farmers Markets are essential services during the current Shelter-In-Place order. This video shares some helpful tips for Market Participants (vendors) setting up their booth at farmers markets during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

COVID-19 and Virginia’s Farmers Markets Protocols

Diana Broadaway May 11, 2020

We believe that farmers markets provide vital food access services to our community, and we will continue to do so as safely as possible The health, safety and overall wellbeing of our farmers market community is always our top priority. With this in mind, we have been closely monitoring the rapidly-changing situation around COVID-19 (commonly…

Safe Supply Field Guide

Diana Broadaway May 8, 2020

SAFE SUPPLY is an outdoor grocery store designed to support local food producers and provide communities with a safer shopping alternative during the COVID-19 pandemic. INSIDE THE GUIDE: Vendor Guidelines Vendor Tent Layout Diagram Market Layout Diagram Things We Learned Along the Way  

Oxford Community Market: Farmers Markets During Crisis

Diana Broadaway

Ideas for Keeping Your Market Open & Safe   Sample Safety Plan Not Business As Usual: Process of Elimination Communication: Reassuring Your Customers Communication: Supporting Your Vendors Create Vendor Guidelines For Your Market Creating Visual Cues to Enforce Safety Guidelines Streamlining Your Market Space Create Hand Sanitizing Stations The 6 Feet Rule Barriers: Managing the…

MIFMA: How to Clean SNAP Tokens

Diana Broadaway May 7, 2020

How to Clean SNAP Tokens Hard surfaces can harbor bacteria and germs. Attached are some steps you can take to improve the cleanliness of your market’s tokens and protect the safety of your market’s customers, vendors, and staff. Includes: How to Clean Metal or Plastic Tokens How to Clean Wooden Tokens

ILFMA COVID-19 Toolkit

Diana Broadaway May 6, 2020

ILFMA COVID-19 Toolkit was created to provide farmers markets with resource guidelines for operating an IN and OUT, transaction-based farmers market.  The guideline provides best practice recommendations for social distancing and enhanced sanitation.

WSFMA Market Guidance

Diana Broadaway April 28, 2020

Farmers Market Safe-Operating Plans Our primary concern is the health and safety of our farmers and producers, market shoppers, market staff, and the host community. Farmers markets are taking serious safety precautions, including: revising market operations;reducing the number of vendors and changing the market layout; expecting shoppers and vendors to abide by public health directives…