Oklahoma Grown Farmers Market Requirements

Alex Canepa January 4, 2018

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry has established criteria that Farmers Markets must meet before being recognized as an Oklahoma Grown Market or a Registered Farmers Market. A market can choose not to participate in this program, however only participating markets will be eligible for assistance or promotional materials that are made available…

RI Farmers Market Guidelines

Stephanie Fenty July 12, 2017

The purpose of these guidelines by the University of Rhode Island is to highlight important food safety practices to take under consideration when vending at a farmers market. It also includes information on the various licensing requirements that may or may not be needed.

RI Farmers Market Manager Guide

Stephanie Fenty

There are over 50 farmers markets in Rhode Island. That’s one market for every 21,000 people, and more than twice as many markets as 6 years ago. Farm Fresh Rhode Island runs 11 of those markets; others are run by the RI DEM Division of Agriculture, community groups or farmers. Farm Fresh receives about 1…

New Hampshire Establishing a Farmers Market Guide

Stephanie Fenty

New Hampshire Farmers Market Association’s Establishing a Farmers Market Guide

Alabama Farmers Market Development Manual

Stephanie Fenty

Alabama Farmers Market Development Manual

Lakes Area Farmers’ Market

Stephanie Fenty July 11, 2017

Lakes Area Farmers’ Market Rules and Procedures

North Dakota Farmers Market Guidance

Stephanie Fenty

North Dakota Farmers Market Information North Dakota Meat & Poultry Inspection Program Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture Information

How to Start a Farmers Market

Alex Canepa March 30, 2017

This easy-to-use guide created by the Texas Department of Agriculture goes through the basics of starting a new farmers market.

Weighted tent policy to prevent accidents

Liz Comiskey November 3, 2014

Farm to City’s November 2014 update to their policy on weighing tents down to prevent them from being flipped over by wind gusts.

Show Me the Money: Business Planning for Farmers Markets

Stacy November 10, 2013

A PowerPoint presentation by Lynda Brushett of the Cooperative Development Institute on the importance and purpose of business planning for farmers markets, which includes the basic components of a business plan and tips for getting started.