Processed Food Application

Stacy November 6, 2013

This application for the Davis Farmers Market is provided for potential vendors of processed foods that are prepared off-site.

Crafters Information Sheet and Application for the Davis Farmers Market


This 2 page document includes relevant policies for potential crafters at the Davis Farmers Market as well as an application form.

Community Group Information Sheet & Application

Stacy November 5, 2013

Davis Farmers Market’s policies and application form for socio-political and community groups seeking to have a booth at the market.

Hand Washing and Food Sampling Requirements, Guidelines, and Procedures

Stacy November 2, 2013

A guide for the requirements, guidelines, and procedures for proper hand washing and food sampling at Marin Farmers Markets with pictures of proper set-ups.

Suggested Sampling Guidelines (New Mexico)


Suggested step-by-step guidelines developed by the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association to support the direct marketing of agricultural products through open-air farmers’ markets in New Mexico, as well as to protect the health and safety of the consumer.

Canopy Safety 101

Stacy November 1, 2013

This tip sheet will help vendors and managers reduce property and injury risks associated with wind, trips and falls, and other canopy mishaps.

Music in the Marketplace: An Introduction to Music Copyright Law


In order to enforce copyright laws, American composers, lyricists, and publishers usually join one of three performing rights organizations. This Palo Alto Area Bar Association article gives an overview explaining why businesses that play music and have performances are legally responsible for paying ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC license fees.

Pet Policy Overview (Portland Farmers Market)


This one pager provides an overview of a policy implemented by the Portland Farmers Market in 2009 to no longer allow pets (other than service dogs) at some of their markets.  BEcause the new policy was controversial among customers, the document was created with legal counsel in order to present rational for the decision.

Greenbelt Farmers Market Application and Agreement Form

Stacy October 28, 2013

This packet contains a letter, checklist and application form, including a product availability chart and agreement. The Greenbelt Farmers Market is a producer-only market and 501(c)(3) located in Greenbelt, Maryland.

FRESHFARM Markets Rules and Applications

Stacy October 27, 2013

FRESHFARM Markets in Washington DC’s online step-by-step resource for potential vendors to 1) find out if they quality, 2) learn about the rules and guidelines, and 3) apply.