Consumer Insights to Support Messaging for Vermont Direct Markets

Alex Canepa January 2, 2018

This study examines responses from three focus groups and two online surveys of in state and out-of-state food consumers in Vermont to determine the frequency, motivation, and barriers of shopping at direct markets.

Vermont Farmers’ Markets and Grocery Stores: A Price Comparison

Alex Canepa

The primary objectives of this price comparison study are threefold: 1. Establish an overview of prices at farmers’ markets that consumers can expect to encounter in Vermont, and how they compare with grocery store prices. 2. Utilize the pricing data to formulate more effective outreach efforts for EBT beneficiaries who may be reluctant to visit…

Farm Advertising 101

Alex Canepa November 14, 2017

While advertising may not be a typical marketing strategy for traditional farming operations, farmers and agri-entrepreneurs involved in direct-marketing, value-added or agritourism enterprises should include advertising in their marketing plan. These entrepreneurs need to become familiar with advertising fundamentals and concepts.

Nevada Grown: A Year in Local Food 

Alex Canepa October 2, 2017

Nevada Grown: A Year in Local Food brings together 150 recipes from farmers, ranchers, professional chefs, and home chefs. Featuring produce as diverse as kohlrabi, sorrel, and kale, each vibrant and fresh recipe highlights food grown in Nevada.

Q&A—Healthy Food Incentives at Michigan Farmers Markets

Alex Canepa August 7, 2017

This Q&A accompanies Michigan State University’s Economics of Healthy Food Incentives at Michigan Farmers Markets report.

A Farmer’s Guide to Selling at Farmers Markets

June 30, 2017

Farmers markets are just one outlet for farmers to sell their product directly to consumers. How do you decide that they are the right option for you and your farm? Although every farmers market has its own culture and flavor, there are certain consistent aspects of selling at farmers markets that you can count on.…

Temporary Food Service Establishments and Farmer’s Markets Operator’s Guidelines

June 15, 2017

This report, prepared by the Iowa Food Safety Task Force, outlines food safety best practices and licensing in the state of Iowa.

2017 Montana Farmers Market Directory

June 14, 2017

This guide contains information on Montana’s farmers markets, along with maps and a seasonal produce availability chart.


May 29, 2017

A community approach to using a participatory action research method that employs photography and group dialogue as a means for marginalized individuals to deepen their understanding of a community issue or concern. The visual images and accompanying stories are the tools used to reach policy- and decision-makers.