West Virginia Farmers Market Regulations

Stacy December 4, 2013

The Farmers Market Vendor Guide was developed to provide standards, guidelines and consistent information for farmers, food vendors and sanitarians to provide fresh, safe and quality food to the consumer. The Farmers Market Vendor Guide offers advice on food items that may be sold and conditions that must be met at the point of sale.…

Mapping Competition Zones for Vendors and Customers in U.S. Farmers Markets.

Stacy November 10, 2013

This study concludes that the relatively small customer travel distances suggest that managers will probably need to focus their marketing efforts on getting a greater share of food spending within the zones from which they already draw customers. “Differentiation from competitors may improve market survival. Operating on different days from nearby markets or on multiple…

Results of a Dot Survey: USDA Outdoor Farmers Market (Washington, DC)


This report presents an analysis obtained from visitors to the USDA Farmers Market through dot surveys conducted on September 10th and 17th, 2010. The format provides an example of how to analyze and communicate dot survey results.

Market Forces: Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Food Systems


The Union of Concerned Scientists report on recent research on local food systems, their key features, and their economic and social benefits. The report addresses challenges to be met by developing food systems and offers suggestions on policy change to expand local endeavors. According to the report, “modest public support for up to 500 farmers…

Starting a Value Added Food Business


A guidebook from the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project that walks you through the entire process of making value-added products and selling them at market. The guide begins with steps on how to register your business, then how to safely prepare and pickle foods, and concludes with selling value-added products at markets.

Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers


How you present yourself and interact with customers can have a big impact on market sales. This guide provides advice on how vendors can present themselves, their products, and engage the customer to boost sales, with some great tips on nonverbal communication.

Plain Language Guide to Selling at Farmers Markets


This document provides information for new farmers on how to choose a farmers market, sell at a farmers market, design a market stand, set prices, and sell products. The discussion of the concepts in the document is relatively basic but because the document uses “plain language” it should be more accessible to an audience that…

Getting Started with Farmers Markets

Stacy November 8, 2013

This guide walks a producer through the through process of beginning to sell at farmers markets, showing how other farmers have worked to make their farms profitable by selling some or all of their products at markets. Producers can learn from their experiences about setting prices or choosing marketing strategy to decide whether markets are…

2010 Manager and Vendor Study Report

Stacy November 6, 2013

The 124 page report is based on in-depth research (four focus groups and 12 individual interviews) and a telephone measurement survey conducted among a cross section of market managers and farmer vendors who participate in farmers’ markets in and around the Greenbelt (Ontario). The sample for the structured telephone interview consisted of 60 Greenbelt‐based farmers…

Recruiting Vendors for a Farmers Market

Stacy November 4, 2013

The Wallace Center created this 20 page guide to assist farmers market organizers in recruiting producers. While compact, this guide has plenty of useful information about planning, working with farmers, and communicating with community partners.