Recruiting Vendors for a Farmers Market

Stacy November 4, 2013

The Wallace Center created this 20 page guide to assist farmers market organizers in recruiting producers. While compact, this guide has plenty of useful information about planning, working with farmers, and communicating with community partners.

New Directions in Marketing for Farmers Markets


A guide for farmers market managers, covering marketing terms, the four primary marketing strategies, how to develop and implement a marketing plan, how to analyze a marketing plan, and how to work with vendors, customers, and farmers market committees.

SNAP/EBT at Your Farmers Market: Seven Steps to Success

FMC October 30, 2013

This handbook addresses the steps needed to set up SNAP and provides a comprehensive description of the elements necessary to make it successful. It includes case studies of farmers markets from across the US that successfully operate SNAP projects, and provides additional resources, such as record-keeping templates and a sample customer survey.

Starting a Farmers Market (Florida)

FMC October 21, 2013

There are many details that separate a great farmers market from struggling or mediocre markets. This resource from the University of Florida discusses ten of the most important steps to consider as you start a farmers market in your community.

Starting a Farmers Market (Indiana)


This publication from Purdue University discusses the importance of planning meetings to help determine a location, understand whether vendors are available in the area, and evaluate customer interest.

Healthy Foundations for Farmers Markets: Recommendations for Cities and Counties

FMC September 5, 2013

This paper provides an overview of the benefits farmers markets bring to communities and offers recommendations for ways local governments can support and strengthen farmers markets.

Portland Farmers Markets Grow a Healthy Community and Economy: An In-depth Analysis

Stacy June 18, 2009

The report is an in-depth study of current market conditions, including supply and demand. It examines characteristics of successful markets, identifies underserved areas, analyzes the markets’ economic impact, and offers recommendations for an expanded City role in fostering market growth. All Portland market managers, more than 50 local farmers, and peer communities were consulted.The report…