Carrboro Farmers Market Metrics Report-Prototype

FMC July 15, 2014

Prototype reports were crafted for the FMC Farmers Market Metrics Project thanks to Knight Foundation funding. To create these reports, FMC Executive Director Jen O’Brien and researcher Darlene Wolnik worked with eight markets to upload 2013 data into social media badges and user-friendly infographics. The indicators chosen were based on external audiences’ requests for that…

GMO Myths and Truths

Jen O'Brien June 11, 2014

The second edition of GMO Myths and Truths, co-authored by genetic engineers Dr John Fagan and Dr Michael Antoniou and researcher Claire Robinson, was released on 19 May 2014 as a free online download by the sustainability and science policy platform Earth Open Source.

SNAP Healthy Food Incentives Cluster Evaluation 2013

Jen O'Brien May 23, 2014

This cluster evaluation documents the strategically executed efforts and results achieved by four “healthy food incentive programs” to motivate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) customers to purchase healthier foods with their benefits, and to address financial challenges experienced by local farmers. The farmers’ markets included in this cluster evaluation are affiliated with four non-profit organizations…

Farmers Market Incentive Provider Study

Jen O'Brien

As early as 2005 in New York, to attract SNAP participants to their markets, organizations that operated several FMs launched conditional cash transfer programs or incentive programs. At their most basic level, SNAP-based incentive programs (SBIPs) at FMs provide SNAP participants with matching funds to purchase SNAP-eligible food items. SBIPs vary in the matching funds…

The Consumer & the Farmers Market: What the Research Shows Us

Stacy January 12, 2014

This powerpoint presentation reviews Mid-Atlantic consumer attitudes and behaviors related to farmers markets.  Includes distinguishing characteristics of farmers market shoppers in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Richmond, and New York City, as well as perceptions about what products are purchased and perceptions about what kinds of locally grown crops are available. Funding for the study was…

New Hampshire Farmers Market Manager and & Customer Surveys


A 2013 customer survey at 24 farmers markets conducted by the University of New Hampshire College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and UNH Cooperative Extension found that the majority of customers spend between $26 an $50 per visit, 77 percent travel fewer than 10 miles to their farmers market and 46 percent shop at their local…

Marketing Research and Strategy for Growing Sales Opportunities at Puget Sound Farmers Markets


This detailed research effort seeks to identify attributes of target consumers for farmers markets, perceived challenges, opportunities and strategies to attract these consumers to expand and strengthen the customer base for the region’s farmers markets, with specific recommendations for addressing issues unique to the four proxy markets.  The report also addresses the perceptions and barriers…

Researching Farmer Characteristics and Strategically Deploying the Data

Stacy December 9, 2013

Webinar Q&A (pdf) Farmers markets are nothing without farmers. And even within a single market, these producers have diverse backgrounds, defying generalizations. Understanding their characteristics, motivations, and needs is critical in order to continually improve market operations, measure market outcomes, and be accountable to organizational missions. Colleen Donovan, researcher on a comprehensive statewide analysis of…

Farmers Markets and the Experiences of Market Managers in Washington State: Summary Report

Stacy December 3, 2013

The research, conducted through in-depth surveys of market managers throughout Washington State, documents the current capacity of Washington State farmers markets to generate income for farmers, improve the environment, and provide assets to communities; as well as to assess their long-term sustainability. The report also identifies the organizational and management strategies of successful market organizations,…

Nutrition Assistance in Farmers Markets: Understanding Current Operations

FMC December 1, 2013

The United States Department of Agriculture is seeking innovative ways to increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants’ access to fresh produce by increasing the number of farmers markets and direct marketing farmers authorized to accept SNAP benefits. This study describes how farmers markets and direct marketing farmers operate and their perceived benefits and barriers…