Local Food and Diversity in Public Space: A Study of the Perceptions and Practices of Minneapolis Farmers Market Customers

FMC December 1, 2013

Report arguing that the availability of locally grown and non-local food encourages diversity at farmers markets and makes some suggestions to increase market diversity across the categories of class, race, age and ability.

Hot Peppers and Parking Lot Peaches


Issued by the Community Food Security Coalition, this report examines barriers associated with fruit and vegetable consumption in low-income communities. Some of the challenges and opportunities of serving these types of communities include transportation, policy, and the advent of EBT machines at market.

Farmers Market Report for King County, Washington


Requested by the King County Council, this report identifies many of the challenges impacting farmers markets’ financial viability and future success and identifies some of the solutions that would help strengthen their operations and facilitate farmer access to the markets.

An Evaluation of Consumer Segments for Farmers’ Market Consumers in Indiana and Illinois

FMC November 17, 2013

Report detailing research done in Spring 2005 and Fall 2009 to explore differences based on psychographic and behavioral characteristics of farmers’ market consumers. Data analysis showed that four clusters were formed: Recreational (42%), Minimalists (27%), Enthusiasts (23%) and Time-challenged (8%). Each cluster had a unique set of preferences based on farmers’ market attributes ranging from…

Increasing Customers and Sales at Farmers Markets: Target Marketing Campaign with PCFMA


Presentation discussing the results of a collaboration between Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association (PCFMA) and USDA Agricultural Market Service to determine the effectiveness of target marketing as a viable promotional strategy to increase farmers market patronage.

Advertising Impacts Reveal Buying Habits of Farmers’ Market Shoppers


This report details an innovative two year study conducted by the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA), that revealed important details on customer buying habits and responses to advertising by farmers’ markets. In addition to exploring the impact of advertising and marketing strategies, the study revealed attitudes and buying habits of shoppers, allowed for a…

The Truth About Farmers Markets (Price Comparison)

FMC November 11, 2013

An article discussing a farmers market price comparison study conducted by a business statistics class at Seattle University. Studying an area farmers market and two grocery markets over a two week period, they found the average price per pound of a number of different goods ranging from beets to chard to salad mix was lowest…

Mapping Competition Zones for Vendors and Customers in U.S. Farmers Markets.

Stacy November 10, 2013

This study concludes that the relatively small customer travel distances suggest that managers will probably need to focus their marketing efforts on getting a greater share of food spending within the zones from which they already draw customers. “Differentiation from competitors may improve market survival. Operating on different days from nearby markets or on multiple…

Results of a Dot Survey: USDA Outdoor Farmers Market (Washington, DC)


This report presents an analysis obtained from visitors to the USDA Farmers Market through dot surveys conducted on September 10th and 17th, 2010. The format provides an example of how to analyze and communicate dot survey results.

Market Forces: Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Food Systems


The Union of Concerned Scientists report on recent research on local food systems, their key features, and their economic and social benefits. The report addresses challenges to be met by developing food systems and offers suggestions on policy change to expand local endeavors. According to the report, “modest public support for up to 500 farmers…