Maryland Farmers Market Signage Program

Stacy November 8, 2013

Guidelines developed by the the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Office of Traffic & Safety regarding the application, fabrication, installation and maintenance of Farmers Market highway signs.  All farmers markets recognized and listed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture are eligible for these standardized Farmers’ Market highway signs.

Maryland Farmers Market Vendor Survey


This survey of farmers market vendors was administered in 2011 by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, along with a manager survey, to assess the growth and characteristics of markets.  The agency used a wufoo form to implement to survey.

Is Local Food More Expensive?: A Consumer Price Perspective on Local and Non-Local Foods


The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s Marketing and Food Systems Initiative conducted consumer market research in June, July, and August 2009 to examine what Iowa consumers pay for locally grown products and how these prices compare to non-local market channel prices. The authors conclude that during peak season in Iowa, June and July, local produce…

Market Data (New Mexico)


This page includes tips on the types of data to collect at farmers markets as well as strategies, followed by a form that New Mexico Farmers Markets are asked to complete each year so that the association can aggregate and report it.

Market Manager’s Checklist: Permits/Licenses/Certificates Required for Farmers Market Sellers

Stacy November 3, 2013

This three page checklist was developed specifically for New York farmers markets, listing the specific permits, licenses, or certificates required for all potential items sold at the market based on regulations specific to individual product types. While this checklist is specific to New York, it can act as a guide for any market to research…

Suggested Sampling Guidelines (New Mexico)

Stacy November 2, 2013

Suggested step-by-step guidelines developed by the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association to support the direct marketing of agricultural products through open-air farmers’ markets in New Mexico, as well as to protect the health and safety of the consumer.

Food Safety at Farmers Markets: Information and Guidelines (Oregon)


A guide to the minimum requirements for food safety as they pertain to farmers markets in Oregon. This resource, although specific to Oregon, can be used as a guide for other states to develop their own, based on the food safety requirements of their state.

West Virginia Farmers Market Food Safety Vendor Guide


This pamphlet offers guidance for producers and market managers to determine what food items may be sold and the conditions that must be met at the point of sale. This resource is specific to West Virginia regulations, but can offer guidance for other states to develop similar guides.

Seasonal Farmers Market Producer Sampling License (Maryland SB 199)

Stacy November 1, 2013

In October of 2010, in an effort to streamline the licensing and permit process for sampling products at Maryland farmers’ markets, SB 199 went into effect. This new regulation means that each county may establish one license, for one fee, for a certain duration of time (such as the market season) that a producer may…

Healthy Foundations for Farmers Markets: Recommendations for Cities and Counties

FMC September 5, 2013

This paper provides an overview of the benefits farmers markets bring to communities and offers recommendations for ways local governments can support and strengthen farmers markets.