Online SNAP Basics: Nutrition Incentive Hub and NGAF Technical Assistance Center Webinar

Diana Broadaway August 4, 2020

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Webinar: Raise Money and Build Community with Engaging Online Fundraising

Stephanie Fenty July 29, 2020

July 29. 2020 Presentation slides Panelists: Caroline Fiore, Farm Aid Development Manager Nora Chovanec, Texas Farmers Market Deputy Director In this webinar host by the Farmers Market Coalition, Caroline Fiore, Development Manager at Farm Aid, will guide market leaders on a variety of techniques and strategies for online fundraising, including hosting effective and engaging online…

Strength in Numbers: Leveraging Data and Technology for Nutrition Incentive Programs

Ethel July 15, 2020

Presenter: Alysa Moore: Wholesome Wave Georgia Do you want to use data to impress funders and show the impact of your region’s nutrition incentive program? Maybe you love the IDEA of data but don’t have an excess amount of time, effort, and money to pour into new data management systems.  Collecting, storing, and analyzing quality…

A Growing Culture: Hunger for Justice Series – Juneteenth Broadcast

Diana Broadaway June 23, 2020

A Growing Culture is committed to fighting for a just food system. We stand in solidarity with Black voices in the fight for food justice, and are turning our platform over to those on the frontlines. The virtual event we are facilitating on Juneteenth serves both as a platform for Black voices in the food…

HEAL Food Alliance Webinar: Sowing the Seeds of Liberation

Diana Broadaway

US agriculture’s roots in colonization and enslavement mean that Black and Indigenous and communities of color still have limited access to capital, financial support, and markets—this is changing, slowly but surely, thanks to the work of food and farm organizations, leaders and communities that are dismantling racism and white supremacy, and imagining alternate ways to…

FSNE 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Diana Broadaway June 5, 2020

A self-guided learning journey for individuals and groups for examining the history and impacts of racism and inequities and how they are connected to our food system. The Challenge is updated every year with new daily prompts, resources and inspirational examples of dismantling racism and inequities in ourselves, our communities and our culture. Elements of…

Webinar: Pickup and Order Options at Farmers Market: Create Resilience, Not Legal Vulnerability

Diana Broadaway June 4, 2020

WEBINAR: As Farmers Markets add curbside pickup, take advance orders, and offer bundled market purchases, customers are getting fresh, local foods in the midst of a pandemic. But, these innovations can also bring legal risk as well. With some advance planning, market managers can address these risks and create a program with strength beyond COVID-19.…

ILFMA: 10 Tips for Marketing Your Farmers Market During COVID-19

Diana Broadaway May 12, 2020

WEBINAR: Market managers are presented with the difficult task of marketing their market’s upcoming opening while also making sure they’re communicating to vendors, staff volunteers, and shoppers a myriad of new rules for operating a market during COVID-19. So, how do market managers make it all happen…and still sound hopeful and excited for the upcoming…

CA Alliance of Farmers’ Markets: Practices at Market in Response to COVID-19

Diana Broadaway

WEBINAR: The California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets hosted a COVID–19 Response/Best Practices webinar. We had a panel of speakers that represented farmers‘ markets across California. Our Call to Action: Market operators and managers everywhere, we invite you to join forces as we ~UNITE~ and ~RISE~ to the occasion of keeping our markets OPEN and SAFE. Go…

Farmers Market-Tested Sales Platforms for Shopper Pre-Orders Webinar

Stephanie Fenty April 30, 2020

This webinar focused on market-level platforms (either a sales platform or through listing vendor sites on the market website) that allow shoppers to place pre-orders to then be picked up at either a drive-through or walk-through market where vendors are required to be on-site to hand off their goods. (In some cases, these markets may…