Technology Companies

      Posted On: April 27, 2021

Partnerships with Tech Companies, Developers, and More

Farmers Market Coalition supports developers, organizations, and tech experts who have big visions to use technology to solve real problems for farmers markets and farm businesses. Whether you’re innovating on point of sale technology or designing new ways for open-air sites to measure attendance or other impacts, we appreciate you using your skill set to make real change in our communities. 

With a mission to support market operators, FMC doesn’t endorse products — instead, we work with developers in-kind across the board and at all stages of development, providing feedback and sharing the multiple technology choices that exist directly with our network of thousands of farmers markets across the country. We provide feedback on your existing work and share our knowledge and insights about the farmers market sector with your team. We may be able to help introduce your team to key managers from the farmers market sector, or discuss strategy for going to market with the farmers’ market sector at large.

Here’s an example of who we’ve met with: 

  • Local Food Marketplace
  • beet + pear
  • What’s Good
  • Local Line
  • Farmspread
  • Snappier
  • 1080 Network
  • Farm2Facts
  • Marketwurks
  • TotilPayGo

By sharing what we know about farmers market operations, FMC can help ensure that your products meet real markets needs.

To take your product to the next level, FMC is open to consulting with tech companies seeking more in-depth testing, analysis, and marketing. Below are some options for paid partnerships with FMC to advance your business goals in the farmers market and farm direct sector. But first, let’s get to know each other a bit. Please fill out THIS FORM, and we’ll be in touch with you to set up a meeting.

We offer partnership in three ways:

Market Research

We can support you with another layer of market testing to validate your product as a problem solver whether we link you to a community of practice, help you design your product test, or conduct focus groups on your behalf, we can help you ensure your product validation process is sound and yields decisive results. 

Coming Soon! Community of Practice participation by developers and specific interest groups. 

Sector Analysis of your Data

You might be getting ready to beta test, or perhaps roll out a new feature. Want to know if it’s working? FMC has years of experience in sector analysis and we want to play a role in helping companies like yours interpret your success, comparing it to our deeper analysis and forecasting of the industry.

Paid Promotions

Separate from feedback and partnership with our technology research team, FMC can also offer sponsored posts and newsletter ads, dreamed up directly between you and our communications team. In this regard, we typically like to share market testimonies we’re looking for markets or farms who have used your product and have thoughts to share.

Developing appropriate technology that works for farmers and market managers and connects shoppers to these outlets is integral to the future of food.

It can be daunting to get the process started if you don’t have broad relationships in the farming and market community we’re here to help.