Resources for Building Partnerships Between Farmers Markets and Faith-Based Organizations

      Posted On: January 5, 2017

Faith-based organizations (such as churches, mosques and synagogues) frequently play important roles in supporting the health and well-being of their congregations and neighborhoods. These organizations are often overlooked when they could provide vital support or partnerships to farmers or farmers markets. This past summer, FMC, The Food Trust, and Partners for Sacred Places hosted a webinar discussing why and how these partnerships are beneficial, best practices around collaboration, challenges and successes, as well as identifying first steps that farmers market operators and faith communities can take to build these partnerships.

Collaborating again with the Philadelphia chapter of Partners for Sacred Places, The Food Trust developed two resource guides to help connect congregations and farmers and share best practices, lessons learned, case studies and key considerations. Click on the guides to learn more if you are interested in pursuing such a partnership, and be sure to check out the Faith in Food webinar.

These guides can be downloaded from the links below:
Faith in Food: A Resource Guide for Farmers
Faith in Food: A Resource Guide for Congregations