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Coronavirus Outbreak: The COVID-19 Pandemic


From the latest headlines about the global coronavirus crisis to practical advice on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones at home We make sure that all the medical professionals on the front-line share advice to help inspire and enable self-care during the pandemic.

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Penn State Extension: Recommended Vendor Setup at Farmers Markets Under COVID-19 Guidelines

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Penn State Extension


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Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets: Webinar on Vendor Practices during Covid-19

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Farmers’ Markets have dramatically changed their layout and rules to fall in line with the Governor’s emergency declarations and the Maine Department of Agriculture’s guidance for farmers’ markets. This webinar is an orientation for Maine farmers’ market vendors to learn what best practices they must be following. Topics covered include: Pre-ordering, booth setup, payment processing, product handling, and how best practices pertain to every aspect of your booth’s operations.



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Webinar: Pickup and Order Options at Farmers Market: Create Resilience, Not Legal Vulnerability

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WEBINAR: As Farmers Markets add curbside pickup, take advance orders, and offer bundled market purchases, customers are getting fresh, local foods in the midst of a pandemic. But, these innovations can also bring legal risk as well. With some advance planning, market managers can address these risks and create a program with strength beyond COVID-19. We’ll cover issues including increased liability risk, shifting insurance needs, potential licensing obligations, and concerns under site agreements. Your webinar presenters have expertise in farmers markets, legal obligations, and insurance. Join us to learn where legal risk lies and what to do to resolve it.


Read more about the importance of farmers market insurance and mitigating risk during COVID in our interview with Chris Van Leeuwen here. 


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TEXAS FARMERS MARKET: How to Shop the Farmers’ Market During COVID-19

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The team at Texas Farmers’ Market is working diligently to keep our markets open and safe for our customers, vendors, and operations crew. While we love that our markets are built on a central core of conversation, gathering and community, it is critical that our markets be a food access point right now and not a space for socializing.

We have developed these dozen tips to help make your trip to the farmers’ market as safe as possible in order to protect you, our vendors and our staff. We can only keep the markets safely open if our shoppers help us by following these new guidelines. Thank you for doing your part to protect yourself and your community, while supporting the local farmers, ranchers and small businesses who are on the frontlines working hard to feed us.


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Tracking visitor count in the market and managing people waiting to get in


In this new world formed under the cloud of COVID-19 there are 3 additional challenges farmers markets need to deal with:
1) Ensuing only a certain number of people are in the market at any time
2) Managing the line of people/cars outside the market waiting to get in.
3) Trying to have a steady flow of people throughout the day.

While thinking of these challenges, I came up with a solution that will
1) Allows customer to see online how long the wait is to get into the market
2) Shows market management the total visitor count and how many people are in at any point of time
3) Lets people add themselves to a virtual queue and wait anywhere or in their car till they are called in. This will avoid a long line of cars or people blocking other traffic.

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Virginia Cooperative Extension: COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage for Use at Farmers Markets

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The purpose of this Extension publication is to provide interested Extension agents, farmers market staff and vendors with lighthearted and effective examples of social distancing signage for potential utilization at farmers markets in Virginia operating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. An important key to implementing social distancing measures recommended by governmental officials is the utilization of easy to understand and informative signage. Conspicuously displaying effective signage throughout a farmers market environment to prompt, remind and encourage both vendors and visitors of the importance of social distancing to prevent person-to-person spread of the COVID-19 virus assists in safe market operation during the pandemic.

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Utah Farmers Market Network: New FM Shopping Etiquette (English/Spanish)

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Spanish version



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Family Farms and Farmers Markets Are Essential

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Farmers Market Coalition urges federal, state, and local leaders to protect our nation’s food producers and farmers markets through federal stimulus and clear operational guidelines

Washington, D.C., March 18, 2020 – Congress is close to passing its second multi-billion dollar stimulus package and is hard at work on a third – this one focused on small businesses. As a national nonprofit organization providing support to 1,200 market organizations representing nearly half of all farmers markets in the United States, Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) urges Congress to ensure  that the next stimulus package explicitly includes support for family farm businesses and farmers markets. Farmers markets are a vital economic force in America, both locally and nationally, accounting for $711 million in sales annually. By providing much-needed relief in the next stimulus package, Congress can keep the economic engine of America’s farmers markets humming, while also providing much needed food access to consumers across the country.

“Farmers markets deserve to be included in the federal aid package.” said Ben Feldman, Executive Director of FMC. “Unfortunately, neither of the first two packages are guaranteed to provide aid to American farmers who sell directly to the public, nor to the communitybased organizations who operate farmers markets. Farmers are America’s original small businesspeople, and farmers markets are an essential food access point for communities seeking fresh, healthy food – in particular for low-income families who are able to access the freshest fruits and vegetables through markets’ SNAP EBT and WIC programs.”


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FARM 2 FACTS – Alfonso Morales, PhD

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“COVID: What Can Government Officials Learn from Farmers Market Managers?”

Farmers markets operate on a few simple principles:

  1. They connect locally produced crafts and foods with consumers.
  2. They are places consumers practice community.
  3. They convey information and opportunities people will discover and make their own.

For generations, marketplaces have contributed to the community in many ways:

  1. Promoted individual and public health,
  2. Served as conduits for information and healthy food,
  3. Offered opportunities for exercise and social life,
  4. Provided learning opportunities for immigrants and every other sector of a community.
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