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A Farmer & Food Hub’s Guide to Increasing Average Order Size

Farm Business and Marketing

New Free Resource for Farmers & Food Hubs Selling Online

“A Farmer and Food Hub’s Guide to Increasing Average Order Value”

The latest downloadable guide from LFM is all about how online markets sell more local food with every order. You can check out the guide for free instant download here:

What’s in this guide?
• How to grow your revenue by selling more with every order
• Why Average Order Value is a key growth metric for your business
• Expert advice from local food experts that have grown their average order size
• Strategies for increasing variety in your online store
• Proven marketing tips & tricks to encourage larger orders
• Making the most of your customer relationships

Published November 08, 2022 Publisher Website Newsletter, Article/Story

Download a Free Press Release Template

Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

Fill out this short form to receive a FREE Press Release template from Taste the Local Difference. The template will provide you with form, structure and content ideas to customize your own press release. Remember, these are great tools for traditional press, but can also be used more broadly with third-party organizations that have an audience you want to reach to share your message.

Published October 05, 2021 Download Resource Form

Download a Free Content Calendar

Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

Fill out this form for a free content calendar template created just for local food businesses by Taste the Local Difference. Use it to keep yourself organized, strategic and efficient. Edit the Content Themes or Channels available in the Dropdowns tab of the workbook.

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Farmer to Farmer eCommerce Platforms Report

Farm Business and Marketing

This guide to digital sales platforms for CSAs from the CSA Innovation Network lists and compares sales platforms by feature and offers a list of additional resources on ecommerce for CSAs.

Published October 05, 2021 Download Resource Topical guides

Project for Public Spaces Case for Healthy Places Report

Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

This report from Project for Public Spaces highlights positive impacts of public spaces, and includes case studies around the US (including some farmers markets). It may be helpful in thinking about marketing messages and how to make the case for your farmers market.

Published October 04, 2021 Report

Digital Marketing for Any Budget

Farm Business and Marketing

This presentation by Laura Ludka for Fair Food Network’s nutrition incentive program– Double Up Food Bucks– walks through how to maximize digital strategies even with a low or no budget.

Published October 04, 2021 Presentation

MarketShare Mystery Shopping Form

Farm Business and Marketing

This Mystery Shopping form, from MarketUmbrella, can be used at farmers markets the way retail companies send mystery shoppers to assess their experience. This form can be used or adapted for other markets.

Published October 01, 2021 Form

Communications Planning Made Easy with Values-Based Marketing

Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

This Farmers Market Coalition workbook is a fillable template to think about your target customers, what they value, and how to lay out a communications plan that will reach them.

Published October 01, 2021 OtherTemplate

Farmers markets as a strategy for improving food environments pp 54-60

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) | Evaluation | Farm Business and Marketing | Food Justice | Public Policies | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

When designed effectively, supported by knowledge and an
understanding of the food-environment concept, government
policy and fiscal measures can positively influence what food
is available to consumers and lead to healthier dietary choices.
The food-environment concept, for example, has been crucial
to understanding and tackling food insecurity and food apartheid, as
described in this chapter.

Published February 25, 2021 Publisher Website Publication

EBT Point of Sale Device: Categories Overview

Farm Business and Marketing | Management and Operations | Market Start-up and Development | SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

EBT Point of Sale Device Category Overview

This document will help you familiarize yourself with the categories of devices available – wired, wireless, and mobile, and help you start your search for the right device based on your cellular connectivity needs. This list is not exhaustive, nor is it a recommendation – these devices are examples of what we see commonly occurring in the Market and Farm Stand community.

Please refer to our Market Discovery Process to dive deeper into factors that may influence your technology choice. If you are seeking free or low cost EBT equipment, there are a couple of options. First, several states offer Free Wireless EBT Equipment to eligible markets and farmers — refer to our nationwide state-by-state guide for more information on what your state’s program offers. Marketlink also offers free equipment for eligible markets and farmers, and more information can be found here. Remember, choosing the technology that works for your market before looking at cost as a sole decision factor is vital to your market’s EBT program.

If you’d like to share your market’s device or insights, please reach out to

Published February 03, 2021 Download Resource